Putting More Wrapping Paper To Good Use

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Another Wrapping Paper Card And Envelope

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Having used wrapping paper to make a matching card and envelope for one of my younger nephews for his birthday, it did mean I needed to do something similar for his brother.

This time I went for Pokemon wrapping paper – bought via Amazon as I couldn’t find a suitable one with Tesco grocery deliveries a couple of weeks ago.

I didn’t think I needed to video the makeing of the card this time as the method was very much the same as the previous one.

Please pop over to YouTube to see the video of how I made the first one.

English – Here!

Cymraeg – Yma!

The Card

The main difference in this one is that the wrapping paper consisted of lots of square images, so rather than just cut a panel to fit the front of the card, I cut around the image squares as a strip and individual images.  I again used the tag as a topper, and used a fineliner pen to write the greeting, although I added some squiggly lines as well this time.

And here is my make.

The outside –

And the inside with the pocket – this time to hold a memory card, which is a very small looking gift that benefits being presented in a gift pocket inside a card rather than just putting wrapping paper around it.

The Envelope and Packed Gift

The envelope was made in exactly the same way as the previous one.  The gift was a bit more difficult to pack as it was a bit squishy, but it doesn’t look too bad I think.

This gift is a reasonably sized camera bag to hold all sorts of things in addition to the camera.  More difficult to wrap tidily than the box shown previously.  The more different the shape of the gift I’d recomend putting in tissue paper inside a box before wrapping as it looks far neater and keeps safer.

The Cake

No, sorry.  I didn’t decorate the cake!  This is a Tesco delivery one.  But I thought I’d show it to you in any case. Tesco obviously have a licence to make and sell Pokemon themed items such as cakes.

And it tasted very nice as well.

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Remember that copyright rules apply to such things as images on wrapping paper.  There are well know companies who agressively go after people who make money from their copyrighted images, or who scan, copy, etc., and give them away to others to craft with.  It’s one thing to be creative and use wrapping paper in different ways to present gifts in a co-ordinated fashion that won’t look much of anything when wrapped in the normal fashion, such as makeing a pocket card to put the small memory card in, but you can not use wrapping paper to make cards to sell because you don’t have a licence to use them for personal or charitable gain. You can’t just take images from the Internet, print them out and use them in your crafting either – not unless you have bought a licence to do so or have permission from the copyright holder.


I have several bits of different crafting on the go at the moment, so keep an eye out for them over the next few weeks.


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  1. That’s awesome, I work in an elementary school and know SO many kids who love those characters