More February Crafting

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More February Crafting – Musings and Fans

Hi and welcome to my blog (or welcome back if you’ve visited before).

It’s been a while since I wrote any of what I call my “Musings”, but I decided that I’d start writing a bit every now and then again, starting with today’s post.

A crafting WiP and a couple of fans follow.


I’ve said before about crafting being my way of achieving something, despite my health/disability problems, and being able to say when a piece of crafting is complete “I did that”. It is a sense of satisfaction and a big boost, especially to give somebody else something I’ve done.

It may be a simple card that should have taken half an hour, but in reality took two hours, or it may be a longer project that takes months.  It is still a way to achieve something, when a lot of things I did, without thinking about any consequences in the past, I am now either unable to do, or only able to do with a lot of forward planning, and resting before and afterwords, sometimes for days.

One woman started explaining what it was like living with a long term debilitating condition to her friend as only having a set number of spoons in a day and every little thing you did used up your  spoons, so everything was a planning excercise.  But reather than try and explain it myself, I’ll direct you to her own words – The Spoon Theory written by Christine Miserandino.

I read it a while ago, and thought it was good, I re-read it lately and still think it is good.

So I’ve used a few of my spoons to make the following items lately.

Colouring A Fan

I bought some simple fans, wanting to decorate them to hang on a wall as a room decoration.  The first one I decorated I simply freehand drew some flowers on it with Flex Markers.

For this project I used –

  • A blank fan
  • Flex Markers – Purple Velvet, Sunset, Amranth, Red, Cloud Blue, Watermelon, Heather, Chartreuse, Aniseed, Sapphire, Blush.

This is what the fan looked like before I did my colouring.

And this is what it looked like after I did my little bit of colouring.  This was an evening’s work, taking a bundle of markers and the fan with me when I went to watch TV in bed, and just colouring a bit in the ad breaks.

Nothing spectacular I know, I’m just not good at freehand, arty, sort of stuff, as you can see from this closer look.

As this fan is just coloured it can be folded back up and opened to use as a fan when needed.

A Decorated Fan

For another fan from the pack I decided to go a bit more ornate and decorate it up a bit.  This means that the fan can only be hung on a wall as a decoration, it won’t close back up and isn’t practical to use as a fan.

For this project I used –

  • A blank fan
  • Hobby House Colour Collection – Periwinkle – Ribbons and Flat backed pearls.
  • Glue Gel
  • Leaves – from my crafting stash – no idea where from
  • Flowers – I die cut and embossed these quite some time ago from white cardstock – no idea what dies and embossing folders but the word Trio jumps to mind and I don’t know why.  Coloured with Flexmarker – Purple Velvet, and gem stuck in midde.

I started by takeing a bit of ribbon and tieing the ends together in a knot before stapleing it above and below the knot to the centre front of the fan.  I then used the bow maker to make a double bow from the same type of ribbon and glueing that in place.

A different ribbon was used to tie another bow, with long trailing ends, which was stuck to the bottom of the fan.

I used the same Flexmarker as I used to colour the flowers to put a line of purple on the top and bottom of the fan paper.  The flowers were already embossed in my box of flowers I’d cut out previously, and that is why they have come out with random line patterns on them.  I did shape the flowers a bit after adding colour, and stuck a gem in the middle at the same time as sticking the flowers and leaves to the fan front.  I finished off by randomly sticking faux half pearls on.

Again, the colouring in is not especially good, but you have to go close to see it properly – like this close –

Work In Progress

I showed you how I was getting on with crocheting a blanket a couple of times.  You can see how far I’d got back then in the post – Here!  I have progressed a bit since then, though not quite as fast as I was hopeing.

So, this is how much I have now done – as you can see, it is now bigger than the top of the box seat I displayed it on previously.

So I’ve re-photographed it out flat.

A long way to go before it is blanket sized, but it is slowly progressing.


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6 Replies to “More February Crafting”

  1. Gwyneth, both the fans are gorgeous and the blanket is huge to what it was lol

  2. Hi Gwyneth, the fans are gorgeous, especially love the second one. The blanket is massive to what it was, looking awesome xx

  3. I love the simple fan and it’s design, the second is so different but also gorgeous. As for your blanket? WOW!.