An Owl Card

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Today I feel like writing another bit of what I call “Musings”.  I’m just not quite sure what I’ll write yet, just that I saw the words “copeing with chronic illness” while browsing around online and it started me off on some random thinking.

Quite a few of you, especially those of you who visit regularly or are friends on Facebook, already know that I have disabling health problems that not only meant that I had to take early retirement, but mean that my health fluctuates a lot from day to day.  Crafting (and sitting in the garden and puttering in my pots and raised beds in the summer, as well as family history) is one thing that I can do, in one form or another, at some point most days, though sometimes I find that there are days I can do very little.

What I also like to do is see the variety of crafting that others do.  I do pick up my tablet at some point every day to look at the Facebook and blog posts of the crafting comunity.  But some days I am feeling so weak or in pain that I can’t type comments.  Sometimes I manage short comments, sometimes I manage longer comments, and sometimes I don’t manage to do more than tap on the Like button.  I just don’t want people to think that I don’t really look at or read their blog posts, especially those of you who are kind enough to visit and comment on my blog.  And especially when I’ve started looking at and commenting on posts by fellow members of some groups but run out of steam before looking at everything people in my circle of friends or groups have posted on any particular day.

I just find it amazing how much creativity there is.  And how I can see what others are crafting, even at the other end of the world, when I am stuck in bed barely able to move.

I know that so many with M.E., or other illnesses similar to those I have, become either clinically depressed, or at least very despondant, trying to cope with illnesses.  I’m sure it is crafting and the ability to take part in the online crafting comunity that has stopped me slipping into the dark pit.  But I do get very annoyed and frustrated with not being able to do what I want, when I want, which his when just browsing around and planning what I will do when I have my good days and can craft is so good.

M.E. means a lot of recognising your limits and accepting.  It means accepting that, if you do push beyond what is sensible, you will pay for it with a crash and being unable to do anything.  And it means accepting that lots of people will not understand, and worse still – don’t want to understand or accept that a person is ill permanently.

An Owl Card

During February each year, the couragous and inspirational Holley (you can see her blog – Here!), has a month of celebration.  She briefly explains why in her “Believe in Miracles” blog post.

Her celebration consists of posting a blog post with one of her creations every day of the month and awarding prizes/gifts each day to some of those who comment.  She has some very special sponsors who support her for this celebration and has a huge amount of things to give away, from vouchers to digi-stamps, as well as some other crafting goodies.  You can see just how big a celebration it was by looking at her “Winner’s List” and her “Grand Prize winners!

Holley has an eye for the quirky and Turkish lace.  Some of the digi’s she uses are not to my taste, but I still love seeing what she makes every time, and her blog is one I try and pop over and see whenever I’m having a session browsing around.

This year I was lucky enough to win.

Today I’m going to show you a card I made using an “Owl Stamp Digi” that was being given away on the blog post of the 24th February.  The sponsor for this prize was “TLKreations” who have a shop on Etsy.  You can find the owl stamp – Here!

For the card I also used:

Owl was coloured using ProMarkers and then cut out close to the line.  The wooden backgound was cut into planks to form the frame while the other background was cut to size.  The large, brown, cardstock was scored and folded in half.  Everything was then stuck together.

And this is what the card looks like:

A bit of an angle to try and show the frame and owl dimension.

The die-cut and shaped leaves.

A closeup of the owl – not a fantastic photo I’m afraid, but it gives you an idea.


I’m working on another video which should be online in a couple of days, so keep an eye out for the blog post about that.


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8 Replies to “An Owl Card”

  1. OH my goodness this is so awesome!! I would love to share it on my blog as a guest designer post with a link back to your blog! What a great card!

    • That would be fine Holley. I’m so glad you liked what I did with the cute owl and the post I did about the card.

  2. Hi Gwyneth this is a stunning card that owl is so cute. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  3. What a fabulous card Gwyneth, you have certainly done the stamp justice. Congartulations on your win x

  4. Such a lovely post Gwyneth, I’m glad you can still craft, it does help, I can relate to a few of your points….keep doing what you are doing, I for one LOVE seeing your creations….such as this gorgeous card, I love it and you have certainly done justice to the stamp, beautiful xx