Forever Pouring Cup

Forever Pouring Cup inc. Video

Hi and welcome to my blog (or welcome back if you’ve visited before).

The project I’ve got to show you today involves an ever pouring cup that has been printed on a 3D printer, that I’ve decorated with flowers.

I’ve seen this type of thing made using a china cup and saucer and using a piece of bent cutlary to support the cup, but decided to use a 3D printed one because I thought it would be easier to get it stuck together, (with no bending of cutlery involved,) when made using a ready prepared design that was available online. Also, the “pouring stream of milk” wouldn’t need to be completely covered like disguising a bent spoon would need to be.

I’ve done some posts on my nephew’s saga to get a working 3D printer a while ago. If you want to look back you can go to my blog – Here! And you can see some of the process of putting together the part build one he has now on YouTube – Here!


I’ve filmed the majority of the stages of me makeing this creation.  I hope you like it.

You can see the English version of the video – Here!

Gallwch weld y fideo yma yn Gymraeg – Yma!

Items Used

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Finished Creation

This is what the finished item looks like from a few different angles.

And a closeup of the decorated base.


I’m not sure which crafting I’ll have to show you next, or when my next video will be ready for uploading to YouTube, but I have several bits on the go at the moment so I don’t think it will be long before I have more crafting to show you.


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7 Replies to “Forever Pouring Cup”

  1. Wow Gwyneth this is absolutely stunning I love it. I have never seen 3d Printing used so effectively. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. This is amazing Gwyneth, so pretty with all those daisies spilling from the cup. What a great idea to use the 3D printer to make the stand for the cup. My son has a 3D printer so I will be investigating what he can make to help with my crafting projects.

    Sylv xx

  3. This makes me want one of those 3D printers, what a beautiful result Gwyneth.