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I haven’t done a lot of crafting the last couple of weeks, and that is because I have been spending more time on another of my hobbies – Family History.  I got my nephew to pull out a small number of photo albums and tins of photos for me, and I started to have a look at the contents of one tin, that came from my grandmother, with my mother.  We were actually pleasantly surprised to find that over half did actually have the names or some details about those in the photos Some that had no names Mam did know who they were, but that still left some which neither Mam nor I knew who they were.

And while looking at them I was thinking that it was a pitty more of the family couldn’t see the photos.  They may be pulled out here every now and then, and whoever is here gets to see them, but there may be other members of the extended family who might like to see the photos that had their relatives in them.  Some might even have labled copies of the same or similar photos to the ones where we don’t have names, and therefore might be able to tell Mam and I who is in the “unknown” photos.

Therefore, as I wanted some scanned photos to attach to the digital family history/tree, I decided to start on the mamoth project of scanning as much as I can (a long term project).  In addition to attaching the scanned photos to my digital family tree, I decided that I would also create a hidden/private group on Facebook and invite any of my relatives, close and distant, so that they can have a look.

So I started uploading scanned photos from my grandmother’s tin of photos.  Also photos from my late father’s album that he had me scan for him a few years ago, when he was working on his autobiography.  And the small wedding album my parents had as well.  Haven’t finished uploading the contents of the tin yet, though I’ve now got them all scanned.  And there are more tins and albums to go.  So the scanning and uploading won’t probably be finished until the autumn, because it will be warm enough for me to sit in the garden to tend my pots and troughs before long.

So, is anybody else working on family history, or got a lot of old photos going back 100 years?  How do you go about your research and shareing what you have got with others in the family?

Some Decoupage Cards

Although working on my Family History, I can’t go for long without crafting, though I wasn’t in the mood to do too much.  But I have started filming another project for my YouTube channel which should be completed next week.

I also decided to pull out some sheets from a Hunkydory floral Decolarge collection to make some cards.

For this first card I used a base card that was pre-foiled – a Kanban one I think.  I also used a base layer and half the layers of a decolarge topper and a matching insert from the Hunkydory collection.

The insert was put inside and the base topper layer attached to the front using fingerlift tape. I used 2mm deep, double sided foam tape to attach the bottom couple of decoupage layers and Pinflair Glue Gel to attach the uppermost layers.


I finished with a “Penblwydd Priodas Hapus” peeloff (which is Welsh for Happy Anniversary).

I haven’t put anything on the insert as yet, but will probably add the same peeloff greeting.

This photo shows the depth of the built up topper.


For this card I used a printed sheet of A4 cardstock that matched my chosen Decolarge topper.  I also used the matching insert.

I scored and folded the sheet of cardstock to make an 8″ square card with a short fold front.  I trimmed the insert to fit inside the back.  This card has the same image decolarge topper on it, but this time I decoupaged it with all the layers, except for one rose which I kept to put on the top, right, corner of the card.  I added the greeting “Llongyfarchiadau” (which is Welsh for Congratulations) at the bottom, right.  I’m thinking that this one is suitable for a wedding card.

This is what it looks like when fully open – the rose and greeting are seen when closed or open because of the half front.

I used 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape behind half of the topper base layer to attach it to the half front.  I then used 3mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the bottom layers of decoupage to build up the topper, finishing off by attaching the last few layers using Pinflair Glue Gel.

This is what the card looks like when completely closed.


For this card I used the same printed A4 cardstock as I’d used for the second card (more than one of each item came in the collection).  This time I folded it in half.

As I’d only used around half the decoupage layers as part of the topper on the first card, taking every other layer, I decided to use the other layers, built up and stuck down in the same way, for this card.

I do like to shape the edge of each layer a bit when doing decoupage as I think it gives a nicer effect.  I think the shapeing shows up a bit better in this photo than it does for the other cards, but I did shape the layers for all three cards.

The greeting “Dymuniadau Gorau” is Welsh for “Best Wishes”

There’s a matching insert inside this one as well.

I hope you liked the cards I’ve shown you today.  Call back again soon to see what else I’m up to.


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