Double Scrapbook Layout

Garden Double Scrapbook Layout

Hi and welcome to my blog (or welcome back if you’ve visited before). And a big Thank You to everybody who’s left a comment on my previous blog posts – I really do appreciate you taking the time.

If you’ve caught up with me online, either on Facebook or on this blog, during the last few weeks you may have seen me mention that I had an infection in my jaw that necesitated two weeks of antibiotics and an extraction of a tooth.  This, as I’m sure you can imagine, made me feel pretty rotten, and not able to do much crafting or gardening.  Which of course means that, other than fruit bushes and trees, everything is far behind in the garden.

So today I’m going to combine both hobbies and show you a scrapbook double layout of how my garden looks now in the last week of May.  You can jump to the end if you just want to see the scrapbook layouts,

How I Made It

First I went out the garden and took lots of photos – I’m no great photographer, but this is a way to keep my ailing mother in touch with what is happening outside.  And these are some of what I got in the end.

Assortment of herbs in stacking planters.

Raised bed with one loan courgette plant and a home made cloche made from a 5l water bottle. This plant I bought to have a head start.  I have courgette, pumpkin and outdoor cucumber seeds sewn in pots at the moment h opeing for enough plants to fill this raised bed.

Raised bed with cut and come again lettice and nasturtiums.

There are some small, green, blackcurrents developing.

The gooseberries look more advanced.

And there are a huge amount of flowers on my thornless blackberries.

There are also a lot of flowers on my strawberries growing in my strawberry barrel.

With quite a few already set.

This is a little fig tree.  No figs yet.  I bought it as a small cutting a couple of years ago and I recon it needs at least one more year before it fruits.

This is a planter with trellis I bought this year and got one of my nephews to put together for me.  I have sewn some sweat pea seeds towards the back and night sented stock towards the front.

I have a hanging basket tree that four baskets hang from.  Three are planted up with Tubling Tom tomato plants in red and yellow, and one with a red begonia. The weather is still too rough for them to be hung out yet, so they are set in a sheltered location for another couple of weeks.

I am seriously behind with my potatoes.  My health/disability issues mean I can’t do digging and planting in the ground, so I grow an assortment of potatoes in sacks.  I go to my local friendly garden centre (Bronsbury Garden Centre) and ask for half a dozen each of a variety of seed potatoes, in a variety of colours, shapes, first earlies, main crop.  No point growing the standard types that can be bought cheaply in any supermarket, I like trying out different types, though by the time I got there this year the choice wasn’t as great as I usually find, but got several types I haven’t tried before, so it will be interesting to see how they do.  The plants that are already up are Jerusalem Artichokes.


I resized, printed, cut out, and matted these onto white cardstock to frame the pictures.

I then took two 12″ square sheets of pale cream cardstock and created a background by stamping a fern all the way around using two shades of green ink.  I also inked on two creatures through a stencil.  I also put some re-inker ink into a spritzer bottle and sprayed through a leaf stencil to fill in a background to the two sheets of cardstock.

I then stamped out some floral stamps and coloured them in.

What I Used
What I Made

This is the two pages side by side.

And a look at the first page on its own.

And the second page.

And here we have a few closeups of some areas.


I have several bits of different crafting on the go at the moment, so keep an eye out for them over the next few weeks.


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