Vintage Male Themed Birthday Card

A Rural Themed Birthday Card For A Male

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A Bit Of An Update

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My regular visits will have noticed that I have not made many posts to my blog this month. It has been an eventful month.

Following the development of a cateract in my left eye (a known side effect of the emergency opperation I had to treat a tare in the retina 18 months ago), I had been on the waiting list for a cateract operation for over six months. I had received a letter for a consutation appointment for the middle of June, but had a phone call before then offering me a cancelation the begining of the month. The eye had deteriorated so much since they had last seen me that they agreed to put me on a cancellation list as the waiting time was about six months. Wasn’t expecting much to happen, but within a couple of days I was phoned to ask if I could come in for the pre-opp eye measurements, etc., the following week. So having begged a lift up once from one of my sisters the first week of the month, I had to ask if she would be so kind as to drive me up again the following week. Even then I was told it could be up to three months before I would have the opp.

So I was very surprised to have another call within a week offering me 8am on the 25th for the opperation. So basicaly just over three weeks from consultation to opp.

Having already dragged my sister away from her farm work twice in two weeks I didn’t feel it would be fair to ask her to make the trek to the hospital a third time so soon, so this time I asked a friend who, every time she visits, tells us to remember she’s more than willing to help in any way she can. This friend has the added benefit of already having had a cateract operation herself so knew what I was going through.

So, by now I had the gooseberries coming ready in the garden, and just a few days before my operation to get them all in and sorted. Mam went on strike at one point and refused to top and tail any more and said that I should go and give a couple of pounds each to a few friends, including the one who was going to drive me to the hospital and back for the opp.

Don’t know why they are so keen to have everybody in the hospital by 8am as the surgeons certainly were not there, and the operations didn’t start for two hours, and as luck would have it I was the last of the morning list and wasn’t in until mid-day. With my M.E. and dodgy leg, sitting in a ward for four hours was not good for my aches and pains, and staring into the light for twenty minutes wasn’t good for my headache. But the operation went smoothly. Of course, I was feeling very rough by this stage in the day, so my friend went to fetch us some sandwiches for lunch and we ate in the car as there is no way I’d have made it to the restaurant.

By the time I got home I told Mam that my good eye was coming out in sympathy, running tears and strange lights, and, despite having sunglasses clipped to my glasses, and having a very smooth journey home, my headache was worse, as was my nausea. Only sat for a bit with Mam to tell her how it had gone before crawling into bed and realising that I had a migraine with flashing lights in both eyes, bought on no doubt by staring into the light during the opperation, and even when everything had settled down I couldn’t see through my good eye well enough to read the instructions on the Pot Noodle for supper, in fact, had to get the carer to point me in the direction of the Pot Noodle on the counter as I couldn’t even see that.

Thankfully, by the following morning, the eye that hadn’t been operated on was back to normal, though I’d been warned that it would take 24 hours for the gas that had been put in to hold the lens in place to clear so I shouldn’t expect to see anything through the operated eye. Spent most of the day in bed just hopeing the aches and pains would go and that I wasn’t going to go into an M.E. crash, and was pleased to see that colours were appearing round the perifery of the operated eye by lunch time.

Only problem was that by the following day I still could only see a dense, white, nothing, in the centre of the operated eye. And by now I was starting to get a bit worried – I knew that I shouldn’t be able to focus correctly with it as the glasses I had were the wrong prescription for the new lens put in, and in any case, it needed to finish healing and the drops will make it a bit blurry while I’m on those, but nobody I know who has had a cateract operation has said that the centre of their vision was a big white area after two days. So I phoned the hospital to see if it was anything to worry about, especially in view of the fact that the first evening I had the migraine and wouldn’t have been aware if any post opperation anomalies had occured. I was hopeing that they would say that it could take a while longer for the centre whiteout to clear and not to worry. But no! They wanted me back up at the hospital at 5.30pm Thursday evening. So a quick call to my friend again – her husband was due back with their car by about 3pm so yes she could take me back. And off we went again.

It seems that I have Corneal Oedoema – the cornea having started swelling up as a result of the opperation – something that does happen but not often I gather – and that the swelling should go down gradually by about a week, at which point I won’t have a big white area in the centre of my vision with that eye.

I’m so thankful to my sister and my friend for their help in getting me there and back a couple of times each.

So, by now, the eye is begining to clear, and although I can’t focus properly yet, the white area is much less dense so I am seeing things through it, which means that it will probably have cleared by around Thursday, as the person I saw last Thursday said.

So now, there are a whole lot of things I’m not suppose to do, to keep from damaging or getting anything into the healing eye, and so much I want to get on with, both in the garden and with my crafting, but two trips to the hospital in one week has finished me off for a while, and I am resting as much as possible and doing just enough crafting to keep me sane as well as watering what needs watering in the garden with a directional head on a hosepipe.

The one thing that did need doing was a card for my brother for his birthday, and that is what I have to show you today.

Welsh Birthday Card

I cut a piece of wood patterend paper and stuck it to the front of my base card.  I then tore some pieces from some brown paper that came wrapped within a parcel.  One piece I scrunched up a lot and then opened it out before rubbing some gold embelishment mousse around the edges and over the raised creases.  I stamped onto the other pieces that were mostly flat and then tore the edges before adding some gold around the edge of those panels as well.  I quickly added some colour using two different colours of re-inkers used as a watercolour paint. Once these were dried I glued them in position onto the card front as well as adding a peeloff greeting.

What I Used
The Finished Card

This is what the finished card looked like.

With this photo I’m trying to show that, although I used wet glue to attach the layers, the fact that I had crinkled up the brown paper mat before sticking everything in places means that there is a natural dimention to the card and a very rustic look.

I added very little colouring, only using two different Dinky Inkies re-inkers and a paint brush on the grass and the farmer.

I’ve tried to photograph this in different lighting so that the gold coloured Nuvo Moose stands out.


I have several bits of different crafting on the go at the moment, so keep an eye out for them over the next few weeks.


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