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More Air Dry Clay Assorted Flowers

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I don’t know about you, but I’m more than fed up with scammers, spammers, and idiots.

I had another random phone call this morning.  Indian sounding, who said his name was Mark calling from BT about our broadband, and wanted to know whether he was speaking to the owner, primary occupier, etc., etc. I asked “what is this regarding because I think you are a liar” and his English wasn’t good enough to realise what I’d said, and it obviously wasn’t on his list of expected answers, so he went right back to the begining of his script “I am Mark …” Needless to say I put the phone down on him then. Couldn’t be bothered to listen long enough to find out which scam he was working.  Why do these scammers always choose English names? I know it’s not impossible for an Indian family to have given their child an English name, especially if of mixed herritage, but every single on of these scam callers gives an English name.  By this stage I’d be more likely to believe they were genuine if they gave an Indian sounding name. And the whole owner, occupier, … thing. Surely, if they were phoneing from my Internet provider, they would have on record the name of the account holder? These phone scammers are makeing it such that if a genuine person with an Indian/Asian accent phoned from any company I would likely think they were fake and put the phone down on them.

Then the spammers. Particularly the spammers that spam comment to blog posts.  I haven’t had comments go live immediately on my blog since a few weeks after I started my blog.  All comments go to moderation queue, I got E-mail notification, and comments only go live after I OK them.  Up until June I was getting around forty to fifty spam comments a month.  Then I woke up one morning to over 700 E-mail notification that I needed to check a new comment. It took me ages to have a quick look whether any were genuine comments, and then deleting the lot.  Only two I spotted were genuine, but by the end I think I was looseing the plot, so I do appologis if you have left me a comment and it hasn’t appeared at the bottom of the relevant post, as I may well have missed a true comment amongst all the spam.  After I had the same bulk comment spamming happen again a few days later I introduced the addition of a tick box to verify that a human is doing the commenting.  At least, I hope that is what is happening.  If you have problems leaving comments, or if something looks wrong to you please comment on the relevant post on my FB profile if commenting here doesn’t work for you.  Thank you.

Then we come to idiots.  This is where I’m probably getting controversial, and may upset a very small number of my FB friends, the ones that persist in forwarding or copying hoaxes, rubbish, out of date info, etc., without makeing any effort to find out if what they are passing on is correct, because, by idiots I mean those who get told about hoaxes and similar, time and time again, yet still copy and paste to Facebook profile or private messaging, anything anybody tells them to copy and paste, without even thinking whether it is plausible, or still relevant, never mind checking that it is a fact. Clogging up the newsfeed is the least effect, but it can have other concequences, and it puts others, who trust their friends to only be passing on genuine information, at risk, especially those who are new to social media and genuinely don’t know better.  If somebody copies a hoax once because they don’t know better that is understandable.  If somebody messages something and they are told it isn’t true, and learns that not everything that comes their way is genuine, then it’s great that they are learning, and they stop mindlessly doing it again without verifying the facts, then I am fine with it. It’s all in the process of learning. And we can all get caught out by something new once.  Passing on genuine information I am happy with.  But I am less understanding of those who constantly do thoughtless copying of any rubbish they see online.  Just because a post says to copy it so everyone knows something, it doesn’t mean you should actually do so.  Be it hoax information, photos of mistreated animals or children (which should be police matters), or photos of sick children.  Some are horrible, but shareing them on FB does nothing the vast majority of the time.  Nothing other than time wasteing or upsetting others.  I know that some of my friends have started unfriending those who post photos of cruelty, and others have unfriended those who forever clog up their messanger or news feed with “let everone know” type messages. I haven’t started unfriending yet, as very few of my FB friends repeatedly do this, but there are a handfull who are not learning and may get the chop from my friends list before long.


A couple of months ago I showed you an assortment of white flowers made using air drying clay.  You can see the post – here! I also showed you some of the white roses I made included in a wreath – here!

For today’s post I have started makeing some different flowers, adding a bit of colour this time as well.

What I Did

I basically just had a play.  I had watched some videos on the moulds I used being used to make icing flowers, and then I just had a go at doing them my way and seeing how they turned out.  I have introduced colour to these flowers, both by using some coloured air dry clay and by painting them after I’ve created them. I have a few more flowers of the same type that I’ve began to make, and I think I’ll try different colours for them.  I may even put together a video before long of how I go about making one or two flower types, but that may even be a project for the autumn or winter – after I’ve tackled the Christmas card making.  It is definately time to get on with batch Christmas card making now I think – during any wet or too hot periods when I can’t get out the garden for short periods between my rests.

What I Used
The Flowers I Made

Starting with the least complicated ones.

Not sure what type of flowers these are – I was just playing rather than trying to replicate anything specific.

White “bell” type flowers

Some coloured “bell” type flowers

Calla Lilies


And finaly the whole lot in a vase.


I have several bits of different crafting on the go at the moment, so keep an eye out for them over the next few weeks.


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5 Replies to “More Air Clay Flowers”

  1. Hi Gwyneth your flowers are gorgeous. You have made so many different one. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. These are absolutely beautiful Gwyneth, love them. Yes, scammers etc are a pain in the rear, at least are wise enough to spot them, hugs xx