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The project I’ve got to show you today is one I’ve been working on slowly for a few weeks.  This is a home decor piece with a battery opperated candle inside, decorated in an autumnal colour palate of russetts, reds and yellows mostly.  I haven’t added anything particularly autumnal in the decoration, such as brown leaves or pumpkin shapes, so, despite the colour scheme it can be used all year.

What I Used
What I Did

The MDF Gazebo was suppose to come with MDF glue, but mine didn’t, and I didn’t receive any after I E-mailed C&C that it, and another item from my order, was missing (although I did receive the other item).  I therefore used Gorilla Wood Glue to clue the gazebo together.

It came out of the MDF sheets easily and went together nicely.

(Photo from Create & Craft Website of flat sheets it came as.)

After the glue was completely dry I painted it with two coates of white Gesso.

I then started to add Copper mousse to the edges of the roof panels with my fingertip, but I found that I couldn’t really get my fingertip into the area around the hanging loop or the cracks between the roof panels, so I switched to using a makeup brush with a small head before I started applying the Bronze mousse around the tripple layer base of the gazebo.  (The specific type of makeup brushes I used were recomended by another member of the Artisan Design DT Collective as being good for blending distress inks, as they are realy soft, so as I wanted something soft that wouldn’t leave brush marks on the embelishment mousse I thought I’d give one of the small ones a try and it worked very well. the only brush marks are the ones already there from painting on the gesso.)

After seeing that the coverage was good on the base I went back and filled in the areas I’d missed on the roof using the brush.

For the floor of the gazebo I wanted a marbled look, so I used the same brush I’d used for the bronze mousse and added some of the pearl mousse to it before starting to brush randomly over the floor, re-dipping in the pearl as needed.  The bronze put down darker patches in the pearl until it had all worked off the brush and then I just brushed all over to smooth out the lines to leave a warm marbled look.

I also used a mixture of bronze and pearl mousse on the cross pieces of the side panels.

I stamped the fern onto the roof using a green distress ink, holding the stamp in my hand and carefully putting it on a roof panel before pressing down all over and pealing it off from the bottom.

After letting the ink dry I roughly coloured in the ferns using the lighter green Promarker at the top and darker at the bottom.  I didn’t try to keep specifically inside every line, and any line that wasn’t totally clear didn’t matter as I was just going for a more rough look.

It doesn’t really matter that not all the ferns look exactly the same and that the stamped lines are showing in some places and that I’ve over coloured the stamped lines in other places.

I just kept going round the roof until all 8 panels were done.

And this is what it looked like from the top at this stage.

I then started making an assortment of flowers in different layer combinations and with different centres.  Then it was on with decorating the gazebo with flowers, using a hot glue gun to attach them.

I didn’t want to cover the whole thing, so I went for a swirl of flowers from the top of the roof, around the top of the doorway and down the side of the door before swirling off around one side.

I put a battery opperated candle inside.

Finished Gazebo

From the top.

From a few sides.

Closer look at flowers down the side.

Closer look at flowers on the roof.

A video clip of it from all sides.


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