An Autumnal Scene

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An Autumnal Scene

I was just browsing around FB a while ago and spotted something that somebody had made using a photo frame and the peel-off stickers you get to put onto wheelie bins.  She had done a YouTube video that you can see – here.

We don’t have a wheelie bin, but I had got a plastic garden storage trunk to put our bin bags in outside when our black bag collection went from every two to every three weeks (keeping black bags for two weeks was drawing rats into the garage last winter and I didn’t want the same thing happening this coming winter).  And after I got the trunk I had put some daffodil wheelie bin stickers on it – as you do!

I had then decided that they were not enough decoration so had got in some different ones to add, but hadn’t got around to it yet, so I decided to have a good look at them to see if any could be re-purposed for my crafting before sticking the rest onto the trunk.  This is the pack I had.

So thank you to Joanne Ash for the inspiration and original idea, and here’s my take on it.

What I Did

I started collecting some of the things I thought I’d need.

I took the frame apart (the glass was transported inside the back of the frame to be protected by the frame back panel) and started by using a makeup brush to apply ink in a dappled, sploggy, fashion to both the inner frame, the mount, and the sheet of white paper that came inside the frame.  I did do some going over the edges of different colours but didn’t try to smooth out the colours as I wanted everything to have the colour of dappled autumn leaves.

I next carefully wiped the glass and put it in the frame, put the now dry inner frame inside to hold the glass in place, and then put in the mount.

I used a glue gun to attach the battery and switch pack of the light string to one side of the frame, double checking not to stick the portion that comes away to allow batteries to be changed.

I then lay the string of LED lights out around the back of the mountboard.  I used ultra tacky tape in various places to  hold the wire in place and keep the LED lights from moving. (I didn’t take the red back off the tape, just using it as very strong sticky tape.)

I then put the frame upright and dropped some autumnal themed embelishments into the gap between the glass and the mount, before putting the sheet of coloured paper and frame back board in place.

I then used my hot glue gun to attach more embelishments – a small bundle of sticks to partly hide the battery pack, mini pumpkins and pine cones at both corners of the front. Attaching these once the frame was stood upright meant that I could position them and hold them in place so that they would be in the right position.

The small leaves on the branch were too bright a green for my likeing for this autumnal themed project so, before I cut my selected stickers out, I coloured them in using a brown and a deeper green alcohol marker to darken them.

I finished by giving the front of the glass a good wipe and attaching my chosen bin stickers that I’d cut out – I went for a branch, a squirrel, and a couple of leaves.

What I Used
The Finished Item

This is the finished item.  The glass made it difficult to photograph at it’s best because of whiteout shine and shaddows.  But I think the photos give you a fair idea of what it looked like in the end.

This is it with the lights on.

I then put it in a darker location to take a straight on and an angled photo so that the lighting showed up better.


I know – this has taken me a long time to put together and show you.  I have several other projects I’ve been working on for a while nearly finished now as well.  So you may see a bit of variety in amongst the Christmas cards posts over the next couple of weeks.


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  1. WOW! this is fabulous, love how your thought process went to make this up.