Floral Wreaths

Floral Wreaths

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I don’t put up all our Christmas decorations until much closer to Christmas, but this year I have made and put up a wreath on our front door early, as well as makeing and putting up a wreath on my late father’s grave.

What I Did

For today’s projects I made up the flowers from a kit of fabric flower layers, used a plastic wreath base, plastic faux foliage and some faux berries.  I also had a string of battery opperated lights which had cristal drops coming off it – but only on the wreath for the door, I thought that having a light up wreath on the grave would be a bit over the top.

What I Used

As far as I can find, most of the things I used were only available for a short time as they are seasonal items, so no links available for all of them.

  • Hessian Ribbon
  • Plastic Wreath Bases With Some Greenery from Forever Flowers From Craft Buddy
  • Red and White Carnation Flower Makeing Kit from Forever Flowers From Craft Buddy
  • Faux Berries
  • Faux Asparagus Fern Leaves
  • String Of Battery Opperated Lights With Black and Clear Crystal Drops – Craft Buddy Wired Acrylic Crystal Garland
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
The Finished Wreathes

Wreath for grave

Placed on the grave next to some flowers my sister took up.

Wreath for our front door

With lights off

With lights on

On the door.  Got to get the cleaner to give the door and step a wash down next time she is here as the wind and rain have dirtied them up.

Closer look on door. Probably should have turned the inside light off before takeing the photo for a better shot.


I’m coming to a time where I will have to say “enough” for Christmas crafting now, though I do have a small number of things to complete, so keep an eye out for them over the next few weeks.


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