Nadolig Llawen – Happy Christmas

I’d like to say –

Nadolig Llawen – Happy Christmas

– to all those who have visited my blog over the last year

A day to enjoy – certainly, but also a day to remember why we are celabrating – because Christ came to this earth to teach all a better way to live and to die for us.

Let’s not forget why there is usually a star or an angel on top of our Christmas trees.

One of my young nephews decorated our tree this year while another went up a ladder to pin some decorations to the ceiling.  Nothing elaborate, but it does make the room cheerful and inviting.

It’s only a small tree, around 3ft, on top of a table.  As you can see, I’ve gone for the environmentally friendly option for wrapping most of my gifts this year.  Brown paper, tied with string, and simple gift tags just printed onto 300gsm white cardstock and cut out.  I had thought of stamping onto the brown paper, but in the end decided to leave them plain.

The cotton bags I showed you previously – here – that I’d screen printed have now had some food items placed inside as a “hamper”.  I thought I had more plain ones but could only find two when I came to screen print, so I’ve bought a “bag for life”, a couple of gift bags, and recycled one that I received something in last year.  The same type of tags as I’ve put on the other gifts are tied to the handle of each, so nothing written on the gift bags, therefore they can be re-used again for birthday or Christmas gifts.

They are simply too big to go under the tree so are taking up two chairs in the sitting room at the moment, until they are given to the recipients today.

I’m trying to make sure that everybody has some healthy options to eat, as well as the goodies, so I bought a large assortment of fresh fruit (delivered by Tesco on Saturday).

I put out a wicker weave round tray and put a wire cupcake stand on top.  Then I pile all the fruit on.

Putting them out like this means you can see better what’s there, rather than in a bowl.  And there’s less likelyhood of something going rotten in the bottom and not be spotted.

That was Saturday lunchtime after the Tesco delivery!

This was Sunday evening after two youngest nephews had spent the afternoon here!

I think Mam and I had had a fig and an apricot each.

On top of the fruit they had gone through half a box of After Eights, practically all the wallnuts and some of the other nuts, a few Ferrero Rosher, and a few other bits.  I’m sure it must be a balanced diet LOL.

I’m not expecting them for a meal today, but I do expect the two youngest nephews to turn up at some point to open their gifts.

They know what they are getting as they asked for them.  One even offered to help me pack them LOL – just to be helpful he said! Just to have a quick look that I’d got what he wanted I believe.

Hope you all have an enjoyable Christmas day.  And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I still wish you a lovely day whatever you are doing.


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