A Bit Of Beading And More

A Little Bit Of Beading And Some Planning

Hi and welcome to my blog (or welcome back if you’ve visited before). Thank you for coming to have a look.

Beading is near the bottom, but first an update on what has been going on this month and some plans for crafting in the next few months.


I haven’t been posting a lot lately, in fact I don’t think I’ve posted since the new year.  I’d cleared a lot of crafting and family history stuff away before Christmas and, as I was feeling a little tired afterwords decided to have a little break from crafting, other than some crocheting and knitting a hat on a circular loom that I will show you in due course when completed and given to the recipients.

Unfortunately I then got an infection in my damaged leg.

The leg is always is always mis shaped but not usually that colour, so it was a case of immediately starting the SOS antibiotics I have to keep in the house ready, and keeping my leg elevated for the majority of the time.

This, of course, gave me plenty of time to plan crafting projects for the next few months.

In Sunday School for the 2019-2020 year we created a new logo and are working on a Biblical themed puzzle book, question cards, etc., all having the logo on them. But I thought it would be a fun crafting activity for us to also use the logo as part of a design for a mug each. So that will be one thing to show you once that is completed in the next week or two.

I’ve also decided to work on some more patchwork quilts, though this time, instead of makeing them up from different patterned blocks I’m going to make them using just one shape – tumbler – in four different colours.  Of course those will be long term projects.

As well as the mug decorating I’m planning on another new craft for me – makeing one of those crystal pictures. I think that this will also be a long term project, but I’m hopeing that it won’t be too fiddly for me to do regular 10 minute sessions as the tool looks to be quite easy to hold.  I am thinking elephants for this project.

I have a commission for a big and blingy card which I need to finish by the end of February, as well as having 4 family birthdays during the month that will meen a card each from my mother and I needs to be made.

I’ve got to work on a panel a month for my mother’s calendar for the coming year. I’ve started on the February one but need to get that finished and then start planning a March page.

I’ve also got an idea of what I want to do next as a home decour project – a lantern of some sort with vellum with silouette images printed or stamped on them instead of glass and some sort of lights inside.

And I finaly decided on what I wanted from my mothet for Chridtmas. She’d asked me what I wanted but I couldn’t decide for a long time.  Then I decided on storage for my ink pads as I realised I’ve been doing more stamping and other inking lately and having most of my inks in a bag where the colour I wanted was always at the bottom was frustrating, so, after looking at lots of solutions I decided on an Inky-Wizz.  It has arrived, and I had my youngest nephew do the fiddly bit of screwing the rotating mechanism in place before I put it together, which was a surprisingly quick job.  Once I’m feeling better I will decorate it.  I’ve bought a spray primer paint and hope that will get into all the gaps to save me having to brush paint on, as I think it will be a tricky job.  So we’ll seehow that goes.

I also want to make a few more bits of jewellery.


An optitian from The Outside Clinic came out to check my mother’s eyesight and found she needed a new pair of glasses. So of course she needed a new glasses chain as well. (The chain I’d put on her old pair had the rubber end perish and one had broken.)

What I Did

I raided my jewellery makeing stash for this one, so not sure exactly where I got the bits.  I did show my mother some different coloured seed beads and her choice was green.  As this was a one off item I didn’t bother getting out my beed spinner, but decided to just pour the beads into a cup and pick them up with a beading needle from there.

It took longer than using a bead spinner, but I sat at the bottom of Mam’s bed and chatted to her while I worked on ig, resting my hands every couple of minutes and checking the length against her old glasses chain until I had got it the right size.

Then it was simply a case of attaching callotts, rings, and the engs that go on glasses arms.

Finished Glasses Chain


Hopefully it won’t be as long before I get my next crafting post up to my blog.  So please do pop back again to see which of my planned projects I finish first.


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2 Replies to “A Bit Of Beading And More”

  1. Hi Gwyneth I am so sorry that you have been so poorly. You do seem to have made the best use of the time. The glasses chain you made for your mum is gorgeous. Take care. Hugs Jackie