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Constructing and Decorating An Inky-Wizz

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I have got back more into stamping the end of last year, and invested in a few more inks, as well as having different inks already (but not displayed in such a way as I could quickly get at them). So, as my mother wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas, I finally decided on an Inky-Wizz. I decided on the large one as small inks can go two to a shelf and larger inks can also fit onto the shelves, though not the super large ones, but I don’t think I have more than two really large inks.

What I Did

I bought the Inky-Wizz flat packed rather than constructed, so the first thing I did was to watch the video on the website showing how to construct it – although, when I unpacked the package and looked at the instruction I realised that it was slightly different to what was demonstrated as the two “doughnut” shaped layers is no longer included.

I had my youngest nephew help me with the screwing of the mechanism that makes it turn inside the base – fingers not working good enough to fiddle with small screws, though he didn’t have any problems getting the base together. I then slotted the other pieces together, added glue, and put the base and the top onto the main “tower” of shelves.

At this point I put a bottle of water centre top to press down until the glue had dried.

The finishing touch was to put the Wizz-Gig on top – this allows bottles and other things to be stored on top without them falling off.

This is what it looked like at this stage.

From the side –

From the top –

You may now be wondering what use are the funny little bits in the triangular shaped recesses.

You can order triangular shelves to go in here, to stick on the little pieces.  These shelves can be whole shelves, or ones with different sized holes and notches cut in them – so that things like tools or upside down glue bottles can be stored in them.  Obviously for bottles or tools you wouldn’t have a shelf in every position so less shelves would be needed.

I hadn’t ordered little triangular shelves to put in as I wasn’t sure whether I would have most use from solid ones, or ones with different sized holes to store different things. So after building the Inky-Wizz I cut out triangles from mountboard, with several different sized cutouts, using my ScanNCut.

After playing around I decided that of most use to me would be to fill each triangle area with a shelf that just had a small, half circle, finger grab notch cut out. So I set about cutting several batches of these.

I used the wood glue to stick three layers together, which I think turned out sturdy enough to put little inks on.

I used the wood glue again to attach these to all the little triangle corners, putting glue along the edges of the mountboard shelves as well.

I then set up a “spray painting station” (using a green plastic bin bag and a big cardboard box) on top of the flat freezer in the utility room, placed the Inky Whizz inside and sprayed black primer all over it.

After leaving this dry I sprayed over with a brown spray paint.

(Both these pictures are from the same stage but with and without flash – neither show the true, dark brown, colour, though the first is closest.)

I could have left it like that, it looked very neat.  But I knew that, sooner or later, I would go to turn it with ink or paint on my fingers, then try and wipe it off, and I would land up with smears.  So I decided to “distress” or “dirty it up” a bit before putting it to use – that way any additional smeares in the future wouldn’t stand out.

So out of the “painting station” and collecting some supplies together, and off I went.

I used three colours of metalic paint that I added at random over the edges of the shelves and the top Wizz-Gig.  Dabbing them on and then smearing them with soft makeup brushes and my fingers.

I used glitter paste through a stencil onto the top itself, and then added random dots of the metalic paint.

What I Used
Finished Item

Finished Inky-Wizz from side.

Finished Inky-Wizz from top.


I will have another post in a couple of days showing you how I decorated the cover to go around this Inky-Wizz, so please do visit my blog again then.


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  1. Oh wow Gwyneth this is just amazing. What a fantastic project. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. Amazing make with a great deal of thought going into it to make it your own Gwyneth.

  3. What a fabulous make Gwyneth both useful and lovely to look at too xx