More Birthday Cards

Another Two Welsh Birthday Cards

Hi and welcome to my blog (or welcome back if you’ve visited before). Thank you vor coming to have a look at this post on my blog.

Regular visitors to my sight will know by now – skip down to the Crafting section if you don’t want to read the latest saga in my Life.


After starting on antibiotics on 15th January, for an infection in my damaged leg, haveing several fortnight cources of different ones, being in hospital from 21st February to the following Wednesday on an intravenous antibiotic, comming home on oral antibiotics, having a week top-up from my doctor – “erring on the side of caution” – I had hoped to be writing that my infection was gone and I was building my strength back to my normal (takeing into consideration my permanent conditions).

Unfortunately that was not the case.

I had one dose of two antibiotic tablets left, when last Tuesday evening I took a turn for the worse.  My temperature was going up so fast, I was shakeing and shivering, and nauseious and wretching, barely able to walk from bed to bathroom, etc., etc.  I managed to get through to Mam that I was bad and she needed to call for an ambulance.

I have no idea how long the ambulance took to arrive.  I do have a little recolection of my temperature going up another .5 degree and telling Mam to call them back to say I was getting worse fast.  I don’t think they took as long in the house doing their checks and questions this time, though they might have been as I have no sense of time for that period.  I do know my mother couldn’t get hold of my brother so she phoned the sister who is slowly recovering from pneumonia and is still coughing.  (The last thing I wanted realy because of her germs, but no choice as nobody else was close enough.)  I was trying to tell Mam that when she passed the phone to me at one point to speak to the ambulance despatcher that I’d given the key safe code to them so it wouldn’t need anybody to “let them in” because neither of us was capable of getting to the door, but by this time Mam was so worked up (and without her hearing aid in) and couldn’t be left alone until the carer arrived in the morning, even though normally she would just be in bed with nobody sitting with her at that time of night (as I’d be in bed asleep normally at the same time).

I did hear the word “Sepsis” mentioned a few times, by one of the ambulance people, or possibly the first responder who got here first.  It was definately a case of getting me to hospital a.s.a.p.  I was put in a wheelchair rather than a bed in A&E – which isn’t good, either form my back and hip with the osteoarthritis, etc., or the infected leg (which I’ve repeatedly been told to keep elevated as much as possible, especially when infected), and was in A&E until 9am on Wednesday morning, while they took bloods, got a couple of drips into me – from the little I remember I think one was fluids and one was paracetamol.

At 9am Wednesday I was taken to the day room of the Clinical Decision Unit, to sit in what was supposedly a recliner chair – only the mechanism was broken and it didn’t recline.  So I was once again sitting up on a chair until 5pm when they decided that they were not going to be able to get everything in place to send me home that day so put me in the only bed they could find – on the stroke ward.

Needless to say, by the time Menna left after a quick visit before the end of visiting time at 8pm, and I’d had more paracetamol to ease the pains in my back, shoulder, etc., I was asleep before 8.30 and slept for most of the night except for obs and visits to the toilet, although my fitbit shows it was a disturbed rather than normal pattern sleep.

Thankfully sepsis was ruled out, but more antibiotics was decided on.  Another one.  Can’t be given penicillin because it has made me come out in a rash in the past, so they decided on one that 9 out of 10 people with a penicillin alergy are OK with, but 1 in 10 are not – keeping an eye on me while dose went in.  Thankfully I didn’t have any reaction!  One thing going right.

Although they hadn’t been able to organise on Wednesday for one of the A.R.T. nurses who work in the community to call out daily to give me the antibiotics intravenously every day, they kept trying each day to see if the A.R.T. organiser had got a slot for me as they were running at full capacity, after lunch on Friday the nurse on the stroke ward finally got the go-ahead to send me home as an A.R.T. nurse had been scheduled to call with me Saturday morning and daily from them.

So a hospital car home, starting at gone 5, and I got here at some time after 6pm Friday.

Lovely nurse arrived about 9.45am Saturday – did my obs, set my antibiotic drip up, and set about going through the paperwork.  Forget 101 questions, it was more like 1001.  We were still going through the questions after the drip had finished – she did promise that it was a one off and that future visits would not involve going through all the same questions again.

So, I currently have a canular in my arm, and a box and bundle of the A.R.T. nurses items in the corner of the sitting room, waiting for my drip to be given this morning.

So there you have it – my latest health saga.

And now onto crafting –


Today I have two more simple cards to show you, made for Mam and I to give a family member during February.

Required for a male relative this time, so needed to be suitable for him.

What I Did

I scored and folded in half two sheets of cardstock to make the base cards.

I took my two chosen toppers and stuck them to white cardstock and trimmed to leave a small border.

The layered toppers were then stuck to the front of the card and a peeloff greeting was added.

I stuck a sheet of white paper inside as an insert and added a peel-off greeting as well.

What I Used
  • 2 x Adorable Scoreable Cardstock
  • White Cardstock
  • Fingerlift Tape
  • 2 Sheets A4 100gsm Paper for inserts
  • 2 topper sheets from a Hunkydory Little Book Of …
  • Scoreboard
  • Paper Cutter
  • Peeloff Greetings
Two Finished Cards

I’m afraid that these were cards I made when not feeling particularly well, before I had to go to hospital, but, although I took photos of them I didn’t check the photos and they are seriously not very good.

1st card

Two different photos of same card in different light conditions.

2nd card


Hopefully I can get a blog post completed for another, more ornate, card I made for an order before long – I think the date they were being given has passed now.


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