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Final Inky Wizz Post

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So, after showing you how I constructed and decorated the Inky Wizz unit itself – Here! and showing you how I decorated the wrap around cover – Here! you may be wondering what I have to show you today.

Well, today’s post is just a quick one to show you the Inky Wizz in use.

What I Did

I have lots of different types and sizes of ink pads, which is one of the reasons I went for the larger Inky Wizz which allowed me to add the smaller shelves for the little ink pads while still having room on the other shelves for my larger ones.  The in-between sizes also go onto the larger shelves with room to spare.

So the first thing was to collect an assortment of my inks together.

To make it easy to see the colours of the inks I decided to put labels on the side of each one.

I wanted to have the colours look as they would in use on the type of cardstock I usually stamp and colour onto (which is either stamping card or super smooth cardstock which have more or less the same finish), so, rather than colour onto pre-made labels I decided to make my own.

So I got a sheet of one of the types of carstock I use and attached a full sheet of double sided tape behind.  Not a very inspiring picture I know, but this is what I landed up with.

I then measured the edge of several of my inks and decided that 0.5cm would be about the right height for each label so I used my trimmer to cut the sheet into strips.

I then held the strip up to an ink pad to see about how long the label should be and cut it accordingly.

Initially I started by pressing the label like this into the ink pad and drawing it over the surface to get a good coverage, but this did make the paper surface a bit wet and harder to get the backing off to attach to the ink pad.  I was too impatient to wait several minutes each time before peeling off the backing, and doing several in a row and leaving them to dry on top of the pad resulted in the little pieces flying all over the place when a door was opened makeing it impossible to match similar coloured strips back with their corresponding ink pads which looked a bit different in colour.

I then started peeling off the backing before inking.  Putting the sticky side to my finger and then pressing to the ink.  I could then immediately pull it off my finger and stick to the side of the ink pad.

And then, of course, they went straight onto a shelf on my Iny Wizz.

I have a lot of ink pads of various types and sizes.  And also some bottles of spray inks which were placed to stand on the top – I’d added a Wizz-Gig on top during the building of the Inky-Wizz to hold these in place.

And then it was a case of going round the house and collecting as many ink pads as I could find.

I had more small ink pads than would fit in the small triangular shelves, and less large ink pads than the larger shelves, so of course I needed to put some smaller ink pads onto the larger shelves.  But they had a habit of slipping back, which meant that I couldn’t easily get a hold of them.  I therefore decided to put in a simple little slider with a stopper on each shelve where the ink pad was shorter then the depth of the larger shelves.

I had some heavyweight brown cardstock that toned well with the brown I’d sprayed the Inky-Wizz originally, so I cut these into three long strips each.  The larger shelves were around 3″ in width, and cutting three equal width strips from an A4 sheet of cardstock gave a width of a little less than this, which hallowed plenty of room to slide in and out while still holding the inks.

The strips were then cut into 4″ long pieces and scored at 3″, 3.25″ and 3.5″.

The piece was then folded on the score lines to give a “mountain” peak.

I then flipped it over and put a strip of ultra tacky red liner tape inside the fold.

Before taking the red backing off and pressing the fold together firmly.

This peak then acted as a stopper for any smaller ink pads put on.

It slid in nicely onto a larger shelve.

And it is easy to get hold of the edge of the slider because of the notch out of the shelve beneath.  It doesn’t matter if the inks slide to the back of the slider as the stopper will pull them forward.

So now my Inky-Wizz is quite full, but I still have room to put in more ink pads – I’m sure I have some more around the house somewhere.

What I Used
Finished Item

Inky Wizz with lots of different ink pads and ink bottles in place.


With me still having an infection in my damaged leg (1st started antibiotics 15th January, and had 2 hospital stays in the meantime) I am on a bit of a go slow as far as crafting is concerned, though I am managing to do a bit.  But I do still have a small number of projects from February left to show you if I remember rightly, as well as Mother’s Day cards.  So keep an eye out for more posts over the next couple of weeks.


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