Welsh Birthday Card

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A Welsh Birthday Card

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I am praying, hopeing and keeping my fingers crossed that the infection in my damaged leg is finally gone.  It’s been just over a fortnight since it last flushed up red or had uneven, hot, patches.  So now, rather than full dose antibiotics I’ve been changed to a lower dose to try and keep the infection away, for inside of my leg to have a chance to heal and the swelling to reduce a bit.  Of course, it’s not all good – the three months of antibiotics have left me with oral thrush, so I’m now having to take something else to try and clear that, as my mouth is very sore.

But things could be a whole lot worse, as it is for many.

I can’t help thinking of all those who are suffering during this COVID-19 pandemic – not just those who’ve actually caught it so far, as well as those that are likely to catch it before it is eradicated (which is likely to take a very long time), but also those who have lost friends and relatives to this virus, as well as other things, but can’t just go and visit those who’ve lost nearest and dearest, who might not be included in the immediate family who can go to the funeral as part of the grieving process.

It’s a strange time we are living in.  And with so many still not really takeing the bit about staying at home – as in staying in the home live in (not a holiday home they go to a few weeks a year or friends or family members homes), or social distancing (as in keeping the required distance apart and not congregating in groups), I fear that we are in for a lot more instances of people catching the virus and a lot more people dieing from it.

With Mam having the letter to stay in and isolate for 12 weeks we are only having carers inside the house.

They now have masks and shields to go with the aprons and gloves they have always warn. Mam and I couldn’t mannage without them.  The ladies of Gofal Cymru are the best! I know at least two of them have moved out of their families homes to stay elsewhere.

While I am very down on idiots who’ve traveled down to Wales to their holiday cottages/second homes, many owners are staying away and have offered their properties for front line workers to stay in so that these workers can continue working while their families are isolating and trying to stay safe. So not all second home owners are selfish idiots.  and neither are all the people who are seen out and about more than once a day either.  there are a whole lot of volunteers around this area, and many other areas, who are putting the needs of others first, shopping for them, fetching medications for them’ from miles away if needed. I havent had to call on our local volunteers yet, but it’s nice to know that they are there if I do need them.

With Mam having had the letter we are having an emergency pack of food, toilet paper, etc., organised by the county.  It is helpful, as I haven’t been able to book my usual every Saturday morning Tesco slots, (even after being in touch with Tesco and getting it on their system that Mam has had the Chief Medical Officer of Wales’ letter,) but the things supplied are a bit lacking in things like eggs, butter or other spread to put on bread, washing up liquid, laudry powder, etc., while the first box Mam was sent contained a 3Kg pack of pasta.  Now I struggled to lift it – I am seriously weak after the last 3 months of illness – so if other people who were frail and elderly had the same type of box, as was dropped off here, I can’t help thinking that there will be a lot of frail people who are on lockdown who will be struggling.  At least with having the emergency pack dropped off, I can use what Tesco slots I do manage to get to order enough of the things that are lacking to keep us going the few weeks until the next Tesco delivery slot I’ve managed to get.  And our usual meat delivery company, Aeron Bacon, have rang to say that they will still be delivering next week, so we will be OK for fresh meat to drop in the freezer.

Mind you, we won’t be needing joints of meat as the family are not able to come over for Sunday lunch as they usually do.  It is so odd not having the nephews in and out of here.

I am sure that you are all finding different things odd in your lives at the moment, but please do stay safe and healthy.


When I did the April page for my mother’s calendar I decided to work on a few other things using inks and stencils.  I’d watched Pete Simpson of Artisan Design UK demonstrate makeing a card on a Facebook Live, towards the end of last month, where he was using some sort of masking tape to cover stripes on his topper before doing inking, stenciling, etc., and I thought I’d take inspriation from this to work on a card of my own.  You can see his finished card – here.

What I Did

I started by takeing a piece of A5 Stamping cardstock and stuck down some strips of masking tape across the front.

I then used brushes to lay down some yellow, light and darker orange coloured inks over the uncovered areas.

I used the darker and mid tone inks to lay down lots of circular dots over the area using a stencil and them removed the masking tape strips.

After this I took a “sun” stencil, and using a brush again I put a sun in the top right of the piece of cardstock, adding extra yellow in a haze around the centre.

I then set out a greeting and two designs from the Canvas work area and transfered them to my Scan’n’Cut.  Once the inked cardstock was dry I put it on my Scan’n’Cut mat – towards the middle so that I’d have space to attach the foil afterwords.  I did a background scan of the mat to get the positioning right and dragged the items to be foiled into the desired location before sticking the foil over the top of the cardstock and setting the machine to foil it.

Once the foiling was complete and the foil was removed I coloured in the rose and butterfly using alcohol markers, using colours that would overshaddow the spotted stripes behind them.

I then set about matting and layering the topper and sticking it to the front of a 10″ x 7″ base card.

What I Used
The Finished Card


I do have a few other bits of crafting on the go – but it is a go slow – however you should see them appear on my blog at some point over the next few weeks.


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