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Cards As Gifts – 1st Batch

If you have visited before you may well have already realised that I have health and disability issues that mean I can’t do a lot.  Various types of crafting is something I can do.

As there is no way I can volunteer to do anything for anybody during this COVID-19 pandemic, like many are doing in my local town and around the country, I was looking for some small way I could do something that would perhaps help somebody.

Crafting is the only thing I could turn to.

I realised that, with lots of family and friends being tied to their homes, and even those who can venture out only being allowed to do so for a few very specific purposes, there may be a lot of instances where they couldn’t get out to choose birthday cards to send to loved ones that they couldn’t go and visit in person.

So I decided to make a batch of cards to send half a dozen or so as a R.A.K. (Random Act of Kindness) to an assortment of friends and family members. No way I could make batches for everybody I knew, so I decided to just go down my Christmas card list and pick people at random to get a pack.

Having decided to make cards I had to decide what type to do, bareing in mind I wanted to make lots quite quickly.  I had no idea to what sort of person, with what sorts of likes, my chosen recipients would want to send them to.  So I didn’t want to be hunting out different things to make an assortment of floral, and assortment of cute, an assortment of children’s cards, etc.

Looking around at what was available – I had already ordered the Hunkydory Safari collection.  I figured that African animals were a pretty safe choice for male and female, young and old, final recipients.  So that’s what I decided to work with.

What I Did

I took the whole collection and started off by opening the lot and looking at the images I had to work with.

There were items to make 4 concept cards – stepper cards with printed acetate “tent” to go over the stepper, so I decided to start by makeing those up more or less as intended, using the ultra tacky tape because acetate can come loose from other types of tape.  I did leave off the greeting on some of them as it would give the recipient more of a choice on what to use them for.

After that I started makeing up some of the cards by simply scoreing the supplied printed background cardstock and folding them in half to make a base card and simply adding a topper from the collection using either fingerlift of foam tape to attach either flat or raised.

After makeing a few of those I started using some of the included Adorable Scoreable cardstock of different colours to score and make the base cards, using toppers directly onto these or cutting up a printed background cardstock to use as a mat or a topper in its own right.

Then I started using different sheets from the stamping pad and the little book as well.

I’ve put plain inserts in the cards that I’d printed “Penblwydd Hapus Iawn” onto (Welsh for “A Very Happy Birthday” – I thought there should have been inserts in the collection but none arrived so I’ll have to chase those up.

For some of the cards I used English greetings panels from within the collection, but, as I know that many of my friends and family like to send out Welsh cards, I created my own little greetings banners in Welsh using my Scan’n’Cut and Foiling Quill.  For these I used an off white perlescent paper and some brown foil.  The font chosen has a distressed look.  I also made some just printed onto the same perlescent paper.

I finished up by stamping my details onto the back of the cards.  I had the stamp made by the Dreamees when you could have them make up a stamp with your details or just about anything you wanted onto.  I did the mistake of stamping the first few using a stamp block and had a bit of a mess, which is when I remembered why I’d bought a stamping platform in the first place, and after that the lot came out clearly.

I’ve made quite a few cards by now so I’ll put them up in my blog to show you in random batches of around half a dozen.  It will take quite a few posts to go through them all so keep coming back to have a look regularly.

What I Used
Finished Piece

These are not in batches as they will be sent out, just as they were made and photographed.


This was such a nice background cardstock I just trimmed a little off the edge and put it on the front of an A4 sized large card.  There’s another one that’s similar, bar the placement of the greeting, somewhere in the batches that will appear in another post.


Acetate overlay on this card under topper.  Accetate came as part of the kit.


One of the four special cards in the collection.




Back of card

I’ve now started packing up the cards, some for dropping off on local friends and family member’s doorsteps, and some for pre-stamping and putting in the post.  I won’t be able to do this myself, and I don’t want anybody to have to queue to weigh and get stamps at the Post Office till, so they will have to be small batches.


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  1. Hi Gwyneth all your cards are gorgeous. That is a very generous gesture on your part. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. A beautiful selection of cards Gwyneth and a very kind thought too xx