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Crochetting and Loom Knitting Baby Projects

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Towards the end of last year we were told that my eldest surviving nephew’s girlfriend was expecting their first baby.  So Mam and I decided that we had better get makeing a few things for the baby. Mam obviously isn’t up to makeing much but she reconed she could attempt some baby mittens.  So that left me with a few options.  Mam hasn’t been well enough to make the mittens, but I went ahead and made a few items.

Not knowing what the sex of the baby was going to be I decided on using a varigated yarn with white, yellow and green in it, as that would be suitable for either sex of baby.

The baby has arrived now, and the makes have been sent off to the little family.  It was a baby boy.

I also bought several balls so lots of different things could be made.

Items Used
Crochet Blanket

For the crochet blanket I used 3 balls of the yarn.  I started by makeing a chain of 95 stitches, then a further 3, turned and started crocheting into the 4 stitch.  I kept to a simple pattern of just treble stitches, crocheting into a loop of each chain for the first row and then crocheting into the gap between each stitch on each subsequent row.  The finished blanket came out at 2’7″ by 3′.

This is what the pattern looks like close up.

This is the finished blanket folded up

This is the finished blanket spread out a bit, though part is still folded under.

Mother And Baby Hats

I decided it would be rather sweet to make matching mother and baby hats so I made two different sizes using circular knitting looms.

Just a basic wrap the yarn round each peg of the loom, wrap again, and hook over the bottom stitch.

After knitting several rows, to make around 1.5″ (2″ for adult hat) I took the starting edge and put a loop of each stitch over the pegs and hooked the bottom stitch over to give a thicker edge to the hat.

I then wound round some more yarn and kept going as before, until I had a hat of the desired length.  It was then a case of just kutting off the yarn leaving a length of around 12″ tail, taking a yarn needle and threading on the yarn, and picking up each stitch still on the pegs with the needle before taking it off the peg, drawing in the yarn to gather the knitting together for the top of the hat.

This is what the finished hats look like.

The baby one.

The adult one.

And both together to show the difference in size.


I looked around the internet for knitting and crocheting patterns for booties and in the end decided on the easiest one I could find.  It was a knitting one, but I decided to do it on a knitting loom as I’m not so good at holding and manipulating knitting needles for any length of time.

The pattern I decided on was to make a T shaped piece and then fold over the sides and sew.  I was experimenting a bit as one pattern I saw had it as two rectangular pieces that were first sewn together into a T and then folded over, but I decided to go with knitting the T to start off with.

As I had different thickness yarn as well as the fact that working on a loom was totally different to using a specific sized knitting needle I first did a piece at an average of the number of stitches of several patterns I’d seen online.

Totally the wrong size – more a doll’s size – perhaps that’s what the patterns I’d been looking at were for, or perhaps it was just a case of finer yarn and the small pegs of the sock knitting loom.

So then it was time to increase the number of stitches and rows.  This produced a bootie that is closer to the size I think of as baby feet size.

Now I realise that you can’t really tell that there is a difference in size.  So here are the two sizes side by side.

So I went ahead and knitted a second one, working in the opposite direction for the cross over piece to make a pair.

As the first one had more or less all been made from yarn within the green band of the verigated colours, I did cut off a bit of yarn before starting the second one so that it would match the first.

And here are the finished pair – they are the same size, though I think I may have pulled the ribbon more on one than the other giving the illusion of slightly different sizes.


I have several bits of different crafting on the go at the moment, so keep an eye out for them over the next few weeks.


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  1. Hi Gwyneth your knitting is gorgeous. I do love things that match. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. These are gorgeous Gwyneth, beautiful work…congratulations to all xx