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Hi and welcome to my blog (or welcome back if you’ve visited before).

I know – I’m a bit behind completing this post and getting it published!

It’s the start of a new month and time for another calendar page to be decorated, so …

The weather had become too hot, too quickly, here – but somewhere in the world it must be snowing.  So I thought long and hard about what to put on Mam’s calendar for June – and this is what I came up with –

A snowman and a white dog in a whiteout snow blizzard!  LOL!  I even added a hill covered in snow in the background and put a polar bear walking away into the distance.  Of course, you can’t see anything because of the whiteout.

What do you think of it?  Is it my best effort to date?

At least it got a laugh from Mam and a few of the carers before I put up the actual picture I’d created for this month.

Jump to the “Crafting” section of this blog post to see that if you don’t want to read the next bit through. The photos of the calendar are near the end.


At long last I’m off the antibiotics for the infection in my damaged leg.  I was on antibiotics of one kind or another for just over 4 months, including 2 stays in hospital and 11 days of A.R.T. nurses coming out here to give me intravenous antibiotics.

The good news is that my leg hasn’t flushed up red since I finished the antibiotics towards the end of May.  Unfortunately it looks as if all the infections have caused further damage inside the leg and it isn’t softening up at all at the moment, which means circulation problems.  I’m spending lots of time with my leg elevated in the hopes it improves given time.

The weather here has been very changeable.  The days of very hot weather came too hot, too quickly, for me.  It further sapped what little energy I had.  I’m feeling a bit better now the weather is cooler.

Now that I have finished the antibiotics that I wasn’t meant to go out in the sun, not even on an overcast day without covering up well, I have done a bit more weeding of the pots and troughs in the garden.  We are going to have very minimal stuff growing there this year.  Never did manage to get hold of the garden centre by phone or E-mail, despite their website saying that they were open a few hours a day now.  But as I’ve realised I have less strength than I thought I had following the long illness it might be just as well not to do too much out there this year.  The nephews are still coming over every week or two to mow the lawns, but they are not in and out daily like they were daily prior to the lockdown, so I can’t just ask them to do quick fifteen minute jobs of moving things for me, or cutting or clearing stuff.  So I’m limited in what I can do in any case.

By the time I got to weeding my strawberry tower I already had some quite advanced strawberries, and they are now ripening, as well as the loganberries.

Mam and I had some very fresh ones for elevenses on Friday.

Not the best photo I’m afraid – I took it on my little mobile phone.

The gooseberries and blackcurrants are coming near to being ready to pick I think.  I’ll need to clear any packs left over from last year from the freezer.  Makeing blackcurrant cordial and gooseberry jam is one project I’m thinking of tackling this coming week.  I don’t think I have any loganberries, strawberries or rubarb left.  The problem with this lockdown is that the boys and other family members haven’t been over for Sunday lunch and at various other times during the week, so I haven’t been doing big container of gooseberry crumble, gooseberry fool, fruit tarts, stewed blackcurrants and custard, etc., at least once or twice a week, as per what I usually do, as Mam and I can’t eat the lot before they go off.  Half of what I have made have gone off before we can eat them.

I plan on putting some of the fruit in in smaller packs this year, so as well as bagging some in the same weights as I usually do I will also do quite a few half the weight.  This will mean that I can just pull out a small bag for Mam and I when I feel like it, and still have larger bags for cooking puddings for the whole family when this lockdown is over and everybody can come over for Sunday lunch and any other meals they feel like again.  It is seriously odd not having the family in and out all the time, sepecially the boys.  One sister did come over and speak to Mam through the window last week, and we’ve done more than one video call with the other sister.  My brother and his sons also stand outside the window and shout in to Mam when they are over, but her hearing is bad so I’ve often got to repeat to her what they are saying.  But it’s better than not seeing them at all.

I just hope that everybody behaves and follows the rules so this pandemic can be properly controled soon.  Unfortunately, although things are not too bad in this area at the moment, it looks as if, when looking at the whole country, there are far too many people who are congregating for protests, days at the beach, etc., with no thought of social distancing or wearing masks to limit the chance of them spreading it to others if they have COVID-19 without symptoms.  This can only mean that far more people will get the virus over the next month or so.

Other than the carers in their PPE, we’ve not had anybody in the house past the side passage the whole of this time.  I’ve only been out the garden with one of the nephews once, and that time I covered up in my gardening clothes and used a face mask


With it being another month it is time to show you what I put together to stick on my mother’s calendar for June.

If you haven’t seen the previous month’s pages you can see what I put on the January page – here. February page – Here! March page – Here! April page – Here! and May page – Here!

What I Did

As you can see from the photo above – I started by printing out the month title and attached it to the calendar page and left it hanging like that for Mam to have a good laugh at with some of the carers while I created the actual panel for this month.

I started off by takeing a sheet of white cardstock, trimming off 1cm from the length and width and attaching it to one of the sheets of black cardstock.

I then took the other sheet of white cardstock and used a makeup brush to work in blue ink from one long edge, before turning the card and working green ink in from the other side.  I blended a bit where they met near the middle.  I wasn’t going for a perfectly even blend, or a perfectly straight line where the colours met.  I wanted a bit of “sky” texture.

I looked at my piece and decided that the “skyline” at one end of the sheet would work well with my chosen stamp so I cut off a strip just a little wider than my stamp.  The rest of the inked cardstock was cut into three pieces and trimmed top and bottom to make three panels.  These were stuck to black cardstock and that was trimmed to leave a border around the inked panels.

The three panels were then stuck, spaced out, onto my previously prepared piece of cardstock.

I used black ink and my stamping platform to stamp my chosen stamp, placing the inked “skyline” roughly along the centre of the stamp.  The first stamping wasn’t dark enough for my likeing, but by using the stamping platform I could re-ink and re-stamp a couple of times to get a dark silhouette.

I then used a die to cut the stamped image out as well as a larger circular die to cut a mat out of black cardstock.

I used the trimmed off pieces of the ink cardstock to die cut out flowers and leaves. And trimmed off black cardstock to cut out some branches.

These where shaped using my fingers, putting some with the white, uninked side, uppermost as contrast.

The matted stamped image was attached to the centre of my piece and I stamped another stamp from the set at the bottom left corner.  I finished off by glueing the flowers and foliage down the right hand side of the calendar panel.

I then attached the panel to the calendar.

What I Used
The Finished Page

The calendar as it looks hung up on my mother’s wall.

A closer look.


I’ve been sorting out what I’m going to use for the first batch of Christmas cards the end of last week.  The new Hunkydory collection for the first batch of course, then I’ll do some different ones later on, as and when the mood strikes me.  I’ve been putting everything I want to use for the first batch, from scoreboard to toppers to tape to scissors, etc., all in one large storage bag, so I can just pull them out to work with and then quickly put them back in the bag, rather than it takeing me ages to fetch things and then having to put the tapes back in the tapes containter, scissors back where it is kept, scoreboard somewhere else, etc.  Stuff can go back to their proper storage location once I’ve done the batch.  Hopefully that will make it easier to craft a few cards when I’ve got a short period of time and energy.  So keep an eye out for Christmas card blog posts appearing before long.


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