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Hi and welcome to my blog (or welcome back if you’ve visited before).

Well, a new month has started therefore it’s time for a bit of a catchup and this month’s calendar page.

Jump to the “Crafting” section of this blog post to see that if you don’t want to read the next bit through. The photos of the calendar are near the end.


At the start of September I thought the aches and pains in my left arm and shoulder, were easing – unfortunately it didn’t clear completely, and in fact came back much worse, not just when I moved and used it, but just lieing in bed trying to sleep.  This has really made things very difficult for me this month.  Not just effecting my ability to craft, but also my ability to do basic tasks around the house.

I have been doing a bit of browsing on-line, and doing a bit of keeping up with social media, but being in so much pain has meant very short sessions online, and very little reacting and commenting.  Please forgive me if I’ve not been round your blogs and active on the Facebook crafting groups. While I have seen a lot of your fantastic work, being online less has probably meant I’ve missed a lot.

After a doctor’s suggestion of putting a cold pack on the arm and shoulder actually made it stiffer and much more painful, I’ve now been given a course of stronger painkiller/antiinflamatories, and after a few days I am noticing a difference.  I’m also using heat packs and a massager, and re-starting to do a bit more of the exercises the physio gave me to do a long time ago.  Hopefully doing all together will get my shoulder back to where it was prior to me having the hernia operation and being banned from doing lifting, pulling, etc.  It’s never got full, normal, motion, but isn’t usually as painful as this when I just peel a few apples – what I did the Sunday before last that had me in tears within a short while of doing so.

You will have noticed that September was another month of very little blogging, and only quite simple crafting when something was actually needed during the month, but I do hope to do a bit of a catchup on blogging and build back up to batch Christmas Card makeing as soon as possible.

Of course, I had to come up with something for my mother’s calendar for October –

So that brings me to …


As we are in the period of the year where the chapels of the area would normally have been holding their thanksgiving services, but the pandemic has meant that chapels haven’t re-opened in this area, I thought I’d go for a creation to do with thanking for this month’s calendar page, and chose autumnal colours.

If you haven’t seen the previous month’s pages you can see what I put on the January page – here. February page – Here! March page – Here! April page – Here! May page – Here! June page – Here! July – Here! August – Here! and September – Here!

What I Did

Keeping to the idea of not getting too complicated because of not being able to do a lot because of my health.  I took a sheet of deep blue cardstock, trimmed it a bit, and stamped a virginia creeper down it four times in metalic ink.  I also took a couple of cardstock strips that were off-cuts of other projects and stamped on them as well.

These two strips were positioned over two of the stamped images on the blue cardstock so that the part images matched.  I added more strips, weaving a few of them into each other, before sticking them all down.

I used my fingers to put on blobs and streaks of Inka Gold waxes in a few colours all over the project other than over the stamped images which I left clear.

I finished off the panel by sticking on various words in Welsh that I’d set up in Publisher and printed off and cut out.  The words mean Thank You, Thanksgiving, Thankful, Give Thanks, etc.  I matted the piece onto another sheet of cardstock that had a bit of a foiled pattern on it.

The finished panel was then stuck up on the calendar with fingerlift tape.

What I Used
  • Papermill Direct – 2020 Create-a-Calendar (You can get the 2021 Create-a-Calendar now – I have ordered a couple already.)
  • Some sheets and leftover strips of cardstock
  • We “R” Memory Keepers Stamping Press.
  • Midas ink from Crafters Companion in  Bronze
  • Sheets 120gsm good quality paper – for printing out month title, wording, etc
  • Fingerlift Tape
  • Pinflair Bookbinding Glue
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Virginia Creeper Stamp from Artisan Design UK
  • Viva Decor Inka Gold Waxes in several colours
The Finished Page

This is the month title strip.

This is the panel ready to stick on the calendar.

This is both stuck on the calendar.

It’s amazing the different look and shine you see from different angles due to the metalic waxes.


Hopefully this month will be a bit better for me with an improvement in my health, aches and pains, and I can get on with more crafting and blogging.

Have a great month everybody.


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