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Hi and welcome to my blog (or welcome back if you’ve visited before).

The year is drawing to a close, and what a year it’s been.

Jump to the “Crafting” section of this blog post to see what I’ve done for this month’s calendar page if you don’t want to read the next bit through. The photos of the calendar are near the end.


Well, December is here already! A few weeks to Christmas and now less than a full month to the New Year.  I’m sure we are all hopeing that 2021 will be a better year all round, but who knows what the future has in store for us.

You will probably have noticed that I’ve posted very little to my blog in November. After 3 weeks in hospital Mam came home mid month.

The begining of the month I spent preparing and moving things around ready for her to come home as she needed a new, specialised, bed and mattress and some other changes done to her room.

The second half of the month was spent trying to get use to a new routine as she is now getting more carers more times a day, which means changeing mealtimes a bit, as well as her needing more help from me in between, especially during the night.  This, of course has a knock on effect on both my quiet times crafting, as well as the regular breakes and resting with my damaged leg elevated that I have to do because of my disabling conditions.

Things are settling into a routine now though.  And I have been crafting.  Mostly things that I won’t be showing until after Christmas as they are cards for imediate family, some of whom are online who I don’t want to see their cards before they get them.

I have also been busy crocheting – working on a blanket for myself that I started quite a while ago. Also crocheting a soft toy sheep for my baby great nephew.  Another couple of days and I should have that finished ready to pack.

I have done a bit of sewing as well.  Mam came out of hospital missing most of her nighties so I’ve had to buy her some more, and them shorten them – higher in the front and lower in the back – so she wouldn’t trip over the hem while manouvering from bed to chair.  I’ve made a random patchwork from the pieces cut off to make into a matching pillowcase for her. That is something I’ll have to show you once completed.  I’ve also started sewing together tumpler shaped patches together to make into patchwork quilts for the nephews. So another project to show you inbdue course.

I’m also planning to make a few small floral displays before Christmas, having got a kit of poinsettia makeing Forever Flowerz making stuff.

More than enough crafting to keep me busy I think you will agree.

So that brings me to …


Time to show you what I’ve put on my mother’s December calendar page.

If you haven’t seen the previous month’s pages you can see what I put on the January page – here. February page – Here! March page – Here! April page – Here! May page – Here! June page – Here! July – Here! August – Here! September – Here! October – Here! and November – Here!

What I Did

I started by selecting the background and two toppers I wanted to use for the page.  I then used the corresponding dies and die-cut the characters to decoupage to stick onto the toppers.

The two toppers were stuck to the background using fingerlift tape and the die-cut elements were then built on top using glue gel.

After the glue had set the finished panel was then stuck up on the calendar with fingerlift tape.

I printed out the month title in welsh and also stuck this on the page.

What I Used
  • Papermill Direct – 2020 Create-a-Calendar (You can get the 2021 Create-a-Calendar now – I have ordered a couple already.)
  • Toppers with Decoupage elements, plus background paper, from Debbi Moore Nativity Collection
  • Match-it Nativity Dies from Debbi Moore
  • Die Cutting Machine
  • Sheets 120gsm good quality paper – for printing out month title, wording, etc
  • Fingerlift Tape
  • Pinflair Bookbinding Glue
  • Scissors
The Finished Page

This is the month title strip.

This is the panel ready to stick on the calendar.

This is both stuck on the calendar.

A Closer Look

Two angled views to try and show the layers of decoupaged characters – don’t think I’ve got a good angle though.


Hopefully this month will see me get well ahead with my Christmas crafting preparations and I’ll have lots to show you.

Have a great month everybody.


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  1. Hi Gwyneth this is a gorgeous calendar page for your mum. Not long now and you will be starting on the one for the new year. What a lot of changes you have had to go through. My thoughts are with you. Take care. Hugs