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Jump to the “Crafting” section of this blog post to see what I’ve done for this month’s calendar page if you don’t want to read the next bit through. The photos of the calendar are near the end.


Well …  I didn’t get as many posts of the bits of crafting I’d done for Christmas published to this blog. Or as much crafting done as I had hoped either.

Mam hasn’t been well again with a chest infection, so has required more care, and that has taken priority.  Especially as she had a fall one day and was sore for a few days – not so much from the fall (which was more of a slow motion slide down it seems) but having to go on her knees to be helped up made them swell up.  On top of that my own osteoarthritis and other problems of spine and hip have been playing up more.  Not as bad as it can get, but enough to make things more difficult than the difficult they are normally.

With COVID19 still doing its thing we have both been staying at home with only carers and district nurse been in further than the door from the side passage in a long time (other than my brother and nephew the day Mam fell and needed to be helped up).  Mind you, my car has been in the garage since the begining of December for an MOT and some repair work as warning lights went off when the mechanic was driving it to the garage.  It needed (quite expensive) parts in the engine, but add Brexit to COVID and they were slow being made and transported.  Hopefully I will have my car back this week.  Not that I actually want to go anywhere – I prefer to play it safe – and there is the issue of not leaving Mam alone for any time either.  But I wouldn’t mind just a drive out to the mountains and back just to get out – provided there’s no snow up on the Preseli Mountains as I don’t fancy driving in ice or snow.

I still have some half written posts to finish and upload.  And a couple of items I’ve been crocheting while sitting with Mam of a morning to photograph and upload to this blog.  Hopefully February will be a more settled month and I can at least get that little bit of planned work done.

February is also the month where four family members have their birthdays, so I need to make a card from myself and a card from Mam for each of them, which will keep me busy during any spair time I have.

So that brings me to …


Time to show you what I’ve put on my mother’s February calendar page.

This time, when I asked her what she’d like she said she wanted a lamb.

What I Did

I started by selecting the purple cardstock as a base for the project.  I then trimmed a sheet of white cardstock to be a bit smaller so that a frame of purple would be seen when the white was stuck on.

I chose an A5 topper of a lamb on a background of a field and sky.  I wanted a bit of dimension in my finished work so I cut around the lamb to cut the sky bit of the topper off.  Being A5 the topper was smaller than the wideth of the white cardstock so I decided to try and cover the bottom edges of the topper with a frameing element of branches and flowers, which I die-cut from an assortment of coloured paper.

I used some Airbrush markers to make spray in a mottled green “grassy” area the same hight as the grass in the topper, and also a sky and sun. Once dry this was stuck to the purple cardstock using tape.

I used glue gel to stick the trimmed topper onto the background to give it a bit of dimension while not makeing it hugely dimensional so that it would make the calendar bow badly once this month passed and the page was flipped over.

Once the glue had hardened I then started laying the branches and flowers out around the topper, makeing sure that they curved around the join between the grass area of the topper and the grass area of the background I’d created.  Once Mam and I were happy with the look I used glue gel to stick the lot in place.

The finished piece was left overnight befre it was stuck up on the calendar with fingerlift tape.

I printed out the month title in welsh and also stuck this on the page.

What I Used
The Finished Page

This is the panel ready to stick on the calendar.

An angled view of the panel to try and show a little of the dimension.

This is both panel and month title stuck on the calendar.

And the full calendar page.


Hopefully I will have more posts written and uploaded this month, so please do keep an eye out for them.

Have a great month everybody.


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