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Jump to the “Crafting” section of this blog post to see what I’ve done for this month’s calendar page if you don’t want to read the next bit through. The photos of the calendar are near the end.


Well …

life goes on.  Not much changed – other than the weather, which has been very changeable.  As I’m writing this the sun is shining, but we’ve had snow, ice, torential rain, fog, and practically all sorts of weather the last month.

I’ve probably done too much – even though I’ve not done a lot – as my hip, spine, shoulder, etc., have been very painful and I’ve had to have a stronger prescription painkiller for a while.  Mam’s chest infection has cleared up – for now – but with her not clearing the phlem from her lungs it’s only a matter of time before she’s back on antibiotics again.  But at least she’s been off them long enough to have her first COVID-19 jab.  Despite all my conditions, and the fact that I’ve been having the flu jab for over 10 years because of how bad I was the last time I had the flu, I’m not down to have the jab any time soon.

Got to go to the dentist next week as a tooth smashed completely, leaving just the root left in the jaw.  Not super painful at the moment – I think it was one that was mostly filling, with the nerve long since removed, but the gum is tender.  Wish I’d been able to have the jab before the visit to at least have a chance of a bit of immunity.  Not sure how I’m going to make it into the dentist.  Sure, I can drive to town now I’ve got my car back, but with the current level of pain I’ve got in my hip, etc., I do not think I can walk to the dentist from the car park.

But at least, when I’m sat down at home, the pains are not too bad after takeing the tablets and I can do some small projects.

So that brings me to …


Time to show you what I’ve put on my mother’s March calendar page.  If you missed seeing the previous pages you can see : January – Here! February – Here!

I once again asked her what she’d like for this month and she said “Surprize Me!”  So I said that I just might go random and “modern art” LOL.  She actually said to go for it – even knowing that I don’t do “modern art”.  I did ask what colours she wanted, and she said “every colour under the sun”.

I did work with her in the room to say yes or no as I was going along, and she decided when I’d added enough random colours, to leave it as it was.

What I Did

I took one sheet of white cardstock, and my Inky-Whizz full of assorted inks, and started randomly selecting ones of different colours and finishes – plain inks, chalky inks, sparkle inks – showing them to Mam for an OK before just pressing the ink pads in random places all over the cardstock.

After a whole lot of coloured squares were applied I then selected some ink sprays to spray on at random.  Some had a pearlescent undertone, and some had a gold shimmer.  While the sprayed on ink was still wet I applied some explosion powders.

I finished off by takeing a tissue and wiping around the edge of the cardstock to smear the ink colours as a sort of “frame” – very random looking I know.

The finished piece was left overnight to dry flat before it was stuck up on the calendar with fingerlift tape.

I printed out the month title in welsh and also stuck this on the page.

What I Used
  • Papermill Direct – 2021 Create-a-Calendar (You can already order the 2022 Create-a-Calendar if you want to prepare ahead)
  • A4 350gsm White Super Smooth Cardstock
  • Assorted Ink Pads – mostly Inky Dinkies
  • Ink Sprays
  • Explosion Powders
  • Sheets 120gsm good quality paper – for printing out month title
  • Fingerlift Tape
The Finished Page

This is the panel ready to stick on the calendar.

This is both panel and month title stuck on the calendar.  I was trying to angle the camera to show a little of the pearlescent spray I added.

And the full calendar page.

Slightly different angle to try and show the gold shimmer.

Completely crazy, and not my style at all, but if Mam wants a crazy surprize me, then that is what she gets.


I’ve still got some cards from February, and possibly earlier, that I haven’t finished cropping and uploading, so hopefully I will get those up to this blog before long.  Keep an eye out for them.

Have a great month everybody.


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