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And My Christmas Gift To Mam

Thank You! to all who are visiting my blog, whether for the first time or return visitors.



I hope it’s a good one for all of you.

Last year brought some good and some very bad, like I’m sure it did for many of you. The worry about the ever spreading and often mutating COVID hasn’t been good for anybody.  Both Mam and myself have now had our flu jabs and the Booster COVID injection.  We have had carers in every day throughout the pandemic, and the family have been visiting a little more the last few months, but still trying to keep masks on and distancing as much as possible, and we have managed to avoid getting COVID so far.  That, on top of all the other health problems both Mam and I have, is something we don’t need.

Even though I’ve been a bit erratic in posting to my blog this last year, I have been doing a variety of crafts, and will keep doing so for as long as my deteriorating health allows. I’m thinking of makeing a few bits of jewellery next – in addition to the fact that I have a hat on the go on a circular knitting loom, a blanket (or two) partly crocheted, a patchwork blanket (or three) cut out and partly sewn together.

I think I have more projects on the go, as well as the makings or many more crafting items, than I can hope to finish in my lifetime.

One thing I did manage to get done last year, with the help of one of my nephews, was get extra shelving up in the garage to store some of my crafting equipment and consumables.  One thing I still need to do is go back out there and label all the crates and boxes so I can quickly identify which box has what I want without having to go through each one – you know how that goes I’m sure : you search through every box and what is needed is in the last one – and by the time I find it I’m too exhausted to use it.

I do have a lot of stuff I will never get to using. Some equipment, but lots of ends of kits.

Those of you who are regular visitors to my blog, or are amongst my social media friends, will know that most of my cardmaking is in Welsh, so I always have a lot of things left in kits with English wording on that I’m sure will be of use to others. And also I tend to have backing papers and cardstock left over where they were included in kits as well. So I’ve started back selling stuff on eBay again. It’s been a while since I did eBay selling (mostly because it became more difficult for me to get stuff to the Post Office to post after our closest Post Office with parking right in front closed, but now I can get stuff picked up from home). I do however only send out within the UK as postage is prohibitively expensive on small cost items and heavier weight items to anywhere else in the world. You can see my listings on eBay – Here!


One thing I made last year I couldn’t show you was my gift to my mother. Not because she would be likely to go look at my blog, but because she might see me working on the blog post and see a photo of her gift before Christmas as I tend to work on my blog posts while we are sitting together of a morning before the carers help her back to bed.

If you are regular visitors to my blog you will know that I was makeing flowers, made using various Forever Flowerz kits, for everybody. (Except the men where I did a play on the theme of flowers and gave them Roses – the chocolate variety that is!).

I presented Mam’s flowers in a small crate made from a kit by Stamps Away I think.  You may also remember me saying in the past that Mam’s favorite colour is blue, so so added 3 blue butterflies to her display, as well as weaving a string of small LED lights between the flowers. Hers was the only display I made with these additions.

More Crafting

Time to show you what I’ve put on my mother’s January page on her new calendar.

If you’ve seen any of my previous posts about the calendars I’ve decorated for my mother in previous years you will know that I ask her what she would like for the next months page.  This month she asked for “snow”!

What I Did

This year I started by printing out the title of each month in Welsh and then cutting them out and sticking them in place on the relevant page over the English title to save having to print a single month title every month.

I hunted through the bundle of fronts that I’d cut off old Christmas cards for ones with snow on them. In the end I chose 3 for the calendar – a robin on a snow covered branch, a hedgehog walking through the snow, and a dog on a tractor in the middle of a snow covered field with sheep.

I did a pit of trimming around the robin and hedgehog and stuck the three pictures onto a sheet of cardstock so that they are overlapping.  This panel was stuck on to an A4 sheet of Adorable Scorable cardstock to frame it.

The finished piece was stuck up on the calendar with fingerlift tape.

The Finished Page

This is the panel.

The whole calendar page.


More crafting to show you at some point so please do keep checking back for a look.

Have a great month everybody.


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