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Card Shape Tutorial – Circular Easel Card


This is an extra posting, in addition to my regular “Pick of the Week” post every four weeks, that I’ve put up to “The Dragons Den” to show how I constructed a Circular Easel Card I made as an entry to the “Colouring In” challenge on the Stamping Dragon Designs – Facebook Group for October.

The digi-stamp we’ve been given to work with for this month’s colouring in challenge is – Monsters.

I decided to team this with mini scrapbook kit – Space Case Mini Theme for my card.


First decide on what you want the finished size of your card to be – I went for a 6″ diameter card because this is the largest size my circle cutter will cut and is the largest size that will come out of an A4 sheet of cardstock.

1CircularEasel01  2CircularEasel02  3CircularEasel03  4CircularEasel04

  1. With my chosen size in mind I printed out the digi-stamp and my chosen circular mats and other elements at the right size onto Crafty Bob paper, and I collected what I’d need together.
  2. I took an A4 sheet of Centura Pearl Snow White cardstock and scored it at 3″ and 6″ using my Hougie Board.
  3. I then folded it at the 6″ line and burnished it
    (you will notice that because an A4 card isn’t 12″ long that you have one side longer than the other)
  4. I took my Circle Scissors and put the blade in the 6″ hole and put this just inside the edge of the shortest side of the card, leaving the circle scissors overlapping the card at the fold.
    (you can use circular dies in a die-cutting machine, or even draw around a plate or saucer and cut using a pair of scissors or a craft knife, but make sure whatever you use extends out over the fold.)

1CircularEasel05  2CircularEasel06  3CircularEasel07  4CircularEasel08

  1. This will give you a “clam” shaped base card.
  2. I also cut out a full 6″ circle out of a second sheet of A4 Centura Pearl cardstock.
  3. And also a 5.5″ circle out of a background.
  4. I’d printed one of the circular elements from the kit out at 6″diameter and cut it out by hand.  This was put behind the circular base card, marked,  and I cut off the extra piece that stuck out just inside the marked line.

1CircularEasel09  2CircularEasel10  3CircularEasel11  4CircularEasel12

  1. This left me with a piece the same size and shape as the base card.
  2. This was stuck inside the un-scored side of the card.
    (I used Pinflair glue gel as a flat glue here to allow time for me to slip the panel into the right place)
  3. I then folded the card at the second score line I’d put in originally and put finger-lift tape over the rounded half of the card front.
    (I could have used glue gel again to allow for movement, but I didn’t want to wait for it to set before continuing.)
  4. Because I used tape and so had no “wiggle time” I put the non sticky side to the top circle first and matched up the edges.  I then pressed the other half together.

1CircularEasel13  2CircularEasel14  3CircularEasel15   4CircularEasel16

  1. I use glue gel and attached the circle of background I’d cut earlier to the front of the card.
  2. I put 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape behind another of the circular mats I’d printed out from the kit at around 5.3″ in diameter, and after taking off the backing I smeared a bit of glue gel behind the foam to give me some movement time.
  3. I put the circular mat on top of my card front so that a wide band of the card top and a narrow band of the backing was visible.  And there you have it – the finished front of my card!
  4. But what about the topper? I hear you ask.

    Well I could have attached the digi-stamp topper straight to the front of my card like this after colouring it in and cutting it out.
    (To colour I used ProMarkers: Henna, Tulip Yellow, FlexMarkers: Crimson, Imperial Purple, Twinkling H2O: Cinnamon Stick, Spiced Pumpkin.  The last two I used to add shimmer over parts of the coloured in image, although they don’t really show up in the photos.  As the markers are alcohol based adding the water based paints with a brush doesn’t cause any running of the original colour.) –

1CircularEasel17  2CircularEasel18  3CircularEasel19  4CircularEasel20

  1. But I didn’t!

    I took a strip of acetate about as wide as the monsters between both their outside legs, and I scored it at 0.5″

  2. I then folded it and burnished it at the score line and put one of the paper ribbon strips that I’d printed from the kit on top of this.
  3. Attaching it in place using another strip of foam tape.
  4. This was then put down on the card base as a stopper, with the acetate coming out the front.

1CircularEasel21  2CircularEasel22  3CircularEasel23  4CircularEasel25

  1. I trimmed the stopper bar to match the round base mat outline and put some ultra tacky tape at the top of the acetate.
  2. After taking the backing off the tape, and with the card open, I pressed the acetate backwards towards the back of the card.
  3. And I then put on my monsters – making sure that the head of the taller one was a smidgen shorter than the fold line.  I also put a little world printed from the same kit near the front of the base.
  4. And now the card is complete – when the card is opened the monsters pop up and when the easel is put into place the monsters float in front of it.


  1. And here is the front view of the finished card.



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Tail Warmers, Flowers, Discounts and More

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I haven’t finished making any cards since my last blog post, although I’ve got several at the half way stage.  What I have been working on are a couple of information/tutorial pages, plus some knitting.  Hope you like the little bits I’ve got to show you this time.



Paper Flower Making 01 25

I make a lot of different types of paper flowers, from lots of different papers and cardstocks, so I thought I’d start keeping a record of some of the types I make, both for my future reference and for anybody else who’s interested in seeing how I make some of my embellishments.

I’ve just put details of one flower type up so far, but I hope to build on this in the future, and I hope you’ll pop back for a look again at some point.  I’ll try to remember to make a note in my blog posts any time I update my “Making Paper Flowers” page.

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SingleProMarkersGroup_webI’ve made my page on colouring in using ProMarkers and FlexMarkers another page outside this blog post.  It is a work in progress, without much content at the moment,  and will probably evolve a lot over time, but I hope you’ve got time to pop over for a look and leave me a comment on this post to let me know what you think of it so far.

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I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I’d been requested to knit a tail warmer and a cardigan for a nephew’s stuffed toy – RaRa the Lion.  Thankfully, by the time I’d got towards the end he’d decided it was to be a cardigan without any arms, as lions don’t have arms they have legs, and legs get dirty in the mud so having arms on the cardigan wouldn’t be very good – or some such logic – so what RaRa has landed up with is basically a waistcoat.

Like Blocwend’s skirt and jumper that I showed you in a previous post, this garment was also knitted using two yarns from my stash of Stylecraft yarn, but this time in two shades of blue.  The pieces were knit on the same size circular knitting loom as well (one size up from the smallest), but this time I turned around after knitting the required number of stitches and knitted backwards so that I made a flat piece, rather than knitting in the round.

1Wascod RaRa y Llew 02  2Wascod RaRa y Llew 03  3Wascod RaRa y Llew 05  4Wascod RaRa y Llew 04  5Botymau Wascod RaRa

  1. One “Tail Warmer” – as the toy lion has a tuft at the end of his tail he didn’t require a “tail warmer” that completely covered the end of the tail – only covering the bit of his tail without the tuft.
  2. To make sure that the “tail warmer” doesn’t fall off and get lost I knitted a narrow ribbon on from the “tail warmer” after casting off most of the stitches, and then cast on the full amount of stitches to knit the back of the waistcoat.
  3. This is what the front of the waistcoat looked like after knitting and sewing on the two front sides to create the garment.
  4. RaRa wareing the waistcoat after constructing the garment, but before the buttons were chosen.
  5. My nephew then raided his grandmother’s button box to find the buttons he thought that RaRa would like best – and chose 4 large ornate ones.  This is a photo he took after I’d finished sewing on the buttons and putting on a crocheted loop fastening on the other side.

I’ve now started knitting my latest requested project – a warm, knitted, coat for Blocwend.  I’m using the 3rd size up of circular knitting loom for this, again turning at the end of every row so I’m not knitting in the round.  This time it is being knitted in two shades of green.  The bottom part of the coat is in satin stitch and the top in moss.  Let’s hope it fits Blocwend over her skirt and jumper when it’s complete.  Keep an eye out for pictures in future posts.



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