Colouring In Digi Stamps

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cup398531_437 - card02 - Scooter Dude Digital Stampcup380132_1749 - card04 - Dress up - PrincessI’m not an expert in colouring in Digital Stamps by any means, and have never had any training in art or graphics, but I thought I’d share a few things I’ve picked up over the last few years with you.  My main markers of choice are ProMarkers, although I also have a small number of FlexMarkers and a few other markers, such as metalic markers, glitter markers, etc.

This is a work in progress, and nowhere near complete yet, so I hope you’ll have a look at how far I’ve got so far, and then come back in the future to see if I’ve added any more information and pictures.

Section headings I’ve written about so far:

  1. Preferred Medium For Colouring In
  2. Buying Markers At Great Prices
  3. Storage Of Markers
  4. Preferred Medium For Printing Out Digi Stamps
  5. Places To Buy Digi Stamps
  6. Know Your Markers
  7. Choosing Your Colours
  8. Light To Dark Or Dark To Light?
  9. Remembering What Colours You’ve Used
  10. Take A Good Look Around You
  11. Take A Good Look At The Image You Want To Colour
  12. Blending Using Five Pens
  13. Shading Using One Pen
  14. Colouring In Detailed Digital Stamps 1
  15. Blending Using Two Pens
  16. The ProMarker Ultra-fine Nib
  17. Colouring In Detailed Digital Stamps 2
  18. Blending Three Colour Pens – The ProMarker Colour-Blend Sets
  19. Dappled Backgrounds
  20. Adding Clouds


Please do come back and have a look at these pages again in the future as I hope to continue adding pictorial guides to some of the colouring I’ve done.

Please Note:

  • Other than the craftsUprint badge and the photos of Letraset products, the photographs used in this pictorial guide were all taken by me and are copyright to me – so no taking copies for your own use in either paper or electronic format.
  • The digital stamps I’ve been colouring in are copyright to the designers. I’ve bought the digi stamps (and been given one as a prize from the designer) and have used them in my card making. I’ve just used selected areas in these pictorial guides to show one way that they could be coloured, but if you buy the digi stamps you can colour them however you prefer – you will quite probably make a better job of it than me. I’ve provided details of the stamp name and the designer for each one, plus I’ve put in links to where they are legally sold, so if you like them you can go and buy your own.