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1. Preferred Medium For Colouring In

While I do occasionally get out paints, pencils, or inks, my favourite medium for colouring in digi-stamps is alcohol ink pens – and the ones I use are ProMarkers and FlexMarkers.

SingleProMarkersGroup_web FlexGroup_web


2. Buying Markers At Great Prices

If you go to the Letraset (the manufacturers of ProMarkers and FlexMarkers) own website – here – you will often see a banner announcing special offers or sales.  Currently there’s an End of Line Sale with up to 50% off selected items, which include some ProMarkers and FlexMarkers.

Also keep an eye out on Create & Craft as they have Letraset markers for sale, and sometimes have special offers on packs and limited edition packs.

eBay is also a great place to keep an eye out for marker pens, but of course some judgement is needed when choosing vendors to buy from as there are some rogues amongst the very honest sellers.


3. Storage Of Markers

I’ve heard lots of different people say different things as far as storage of alcohol markers is concerned, but personally, as they are double ended pens and I don’t want all the ink to flow to one end as they get dryer, I prefer to keep my pens horizontal.  Lately I’ve invested in a couple of bundles of Ultimate Pen Storage.  I store my ProMarkers, FlexMarkers and MetallicMarkers in these.  AccessoriesWallet4_webAccessoriesWallet_WebThen, if I’m going to be doing a project away from my storage unit, I select my colours and pop them in a couple of Letraset Marker Wallet and carry them with me.  You’ll notice that the area that holds the markers within the wallets raises up, and Velcro in place, for ease of access to the pens, but then folds down flat for transportation.

This is my pen storage with all my pens in it:

ColouringIn 06 01C


4. Preferred Medium For Printing Out Digi Stamps

There are a lot of good cardstock suitable for printing out digi stamps.  My preferred card-stock at the moment is 300gsm Super Smooth card-stock.  The question of what card-stock to use is down to an individual’s preference.  Lately I tried using a different cardstock – it printed the digi-stamps just fine (and in fact I forgot some in the printer and printed design sheets on it with lovely results – except – that the darker colours, especially black, rubbed off on my fingers days later – so not much good for making cards from that would be handled) – but when I went to colour the digis in the results I got I was really not happy with, even though the cardstock was suppose to be for colouring in with alcohol based pens.

So my recommendation would be to try and get hold of a small quantity of several different types of card stock – and then try out the same printed digi on all the different types, colouring it in using exactly the same pens and in the same way -to see which one produces the results you prefer.

Digi-stamp: Friends 2 by Sarah Lake

That is what I did with these two:

ColouringIn09 01C

A                                  B

A – 300gsm Super Smooth – the description of which includes “Super Smooth is a pure bright white paper with a lovely finish and ink doesn’t bleed into the paper – perfect for printing and use with alcohol ink markers!”

B – 300gsm Stamps Away Stamp & Colour Card – the description of which includes “Ideal for use with alcohol markers and dye based inks”.

I much prefer the one on the left, both for smoothness of final result, and how easy I found it to colour on, plus, when both cardstocks are held up together the one on the left is whiter than the one on the right.  The second one does give a bit brighter colours on the finished digi, but I felt I was fighting with the colours, it took far longer to colour it in, and I just wasn’t getting the result I wanted.  To me, the second is much more blotchy, despite my best efforts, and it looks as if there’s a shiny finish in some areas, that isn’t even.  This could be down to the fact that my way of colouring doesn’t suit the second card


5. Places To Buy Digi Stamps

Craftsuprint - The Worlds Largest Legal Craft Download Site!Although I’ve had digi-stamps on CD-ROMs and other locations, most of the digi-stamps I’ve used were bought via the Digital Stamping category on craftsUprint.  The beauty of this site is that it is a multi-vendor site and therefore has many different styles and themes of digi-stamps drawn by a large number of different designers.  So I can usually find an image I like without having to go looking around, and buying from, a number of different designers’ individual sites. Plus, all the items sold in the Card Making category of craftsUprint are sold with terms and conditions that allow you to print off as many times as you want and to sell any completed/hand crafted item you make with them (but not sell the printouts themselves).


Please do come back and have a look at these pages again in the future as I hope to continue adding pictorial guides to some of the colouring I’ve done.

Please Note:

  • Other than the craftsUprint badge and the photos of Letraset products, the photographs used in this pictorial guide were all taken by me and are copyright to me – so no taking copies for your own use in either paper or electronic format.
  • The digital stamps I’ve been colouring in are copyright to the designers.  I’ve bought the digi stamps (and been given one as a prize from the designer) and have used them in my card making.  I’ve just used selected areas in these pictorial guides to show one way that they could be coloured, but if you buy the digi stamps you can colour them however you prefer – you will quite probably make a better job of it than me.  I’ve provided details of the stamp name and the designer for each one, plus I’ve put in links to where they are legally sold, so if you like them you can go and buy your own.


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