Paper Flowers : 03 – 04

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3. No Tools Paper Flowers 01

Peach Blossom Backing 4 by Janette Padley printed onto 120gsm, good quality, white paper.  Glue used is Tonic glue.

Scrunched Flowers

1PaperFlowerMaking04 01  2PaperFlowerMaking04 02  3PaperFlowerMaking04 03  4PaperFlowerMaking04 04

  1. I tore the sheet of paper into lots of pieces of approximately 1″ to 2.5″ in diameter.  For this 1st project I’m going to use the smallest pieces.
  2. I put a piece on the topof two fingers and a thumb
  3. Used a finger of the other hand to push down into the center.
  4. The I pinched the centre.

1PaperFlowerMaking04 05  2PaperFlowerMaking04 07  3PaperFlowerMaking04 08  4PaperFlowerMaking04 09

  1. I continuged to turn and pinch.
  2. Until the piece is was pinched tight.
  3. I did this for all the smallest pieces were scrunched up.
  4. I then gently prized them partly open and layed them out in order of size.

There are two ways to make up this sort of flower – from the outside in or the inside out – I’ll do outside in version first:

1PaperFlowerMaking04 10  2PaperFlowerMaking04 11  3PaperFlowerMaking04 12  4PaperFlowerMaking04 13

  1. Put a blog of glue in the centre of the largerst layer.
  2. Push the next layer in hard with a finger.
  3. Pinch the base to make sure the layer is stuck.
  4. Keep adding glue, pushing another layer in and pinching until all the layers are in place.

1PaperFlowerMaking04 14

  1. Give the flower a good pinch at the back and manipulate the layers to give the flower a look you like.

Next for the inside out method of construction:

1PaperFlowerMaking04 16  2PaperFlowerMaking04 17  3PaperFlowerMaking04 18  4PaperFlowerMaking04 19

  1. Re-scrunch up the smallest layer.
  2. Put a blob of glue on the end.
  3. Wrap the next layer around the centre and scrunch up.
  4. Keep adding glue, wrapping a layer around and scrunching until you’ve added as many layers as you want to the flower.


4. No Tools Paper Flowers 02

Spiral Flowers

Made in a similar winding way to the “2. Paper Roses From Spirals” I did a pictorial guide to previously, but no dies or electronic/digital cutting machine in sight.  The pieces to make these were the largest four pieces cut out previously from the one sheet, as shown in pictorial tutorial 3 above.

1PaperFlowerMaking05 01  2PaperFlowerMaking05 02  3PaperFlowerMaking05 03

  1. These are the four pieces I used for this pictorial guide.
  2. You’ll notice that some are torn one way.
  3. And some are torn the other way – which way you tare, whether backwards or forwards, gives you a different look to the edge of your finished flower.

1PaperFlowerMaking05 05  2PaperFlowerMaking05 06  3PaperFlowerMaking05 07  4PaperFlowerMaking05 09

  1. Just start tareing somewhere on the edge and work inwards.
  2. Keep tareing towards the centre in a spiral until you just leave the centre as a blob.
  3. If you make the spiral strip narrower you get far more spirals on the piece.
  4. As you can see from this spiral, there are far more narrower rounds on this one than the one in picture 2.

1PaperFlowerMaking05 10  2PaperFlowerMaking05 11  3PaperFlowerMaking05 13  4PaperFlowerMaking05 14

  1. And don’t worry if you accidently split a spiral while cutting, you can just join the ends together as you wind the flower.
  2. Take a spiral and just start winding towards the coloured side so that the colour is inwards.
  3. Keep winding, with thumb on one side and finger on the other to keep the flower head flat.
  4. Make it as loose or as tight as you want.

1PaperFlowerMaking05 15  2PaperFlowerMaking05 16

  1. Put a big blob of glue on the last bit that was at the centre of the circle.
  2. And press the flower down hard onto it for a while until it sticks.

1PaperFlowerMaking05 17  2PaperFlowerMaking05 18  3PaperFlowerMaking05 19  4PaperFlowerMaking05 20

  1. A slightly different look to the flower can be achieved by pleating/scrunching the spiral as it is wound up, starting with the outside of the spiral.
  2. Keep winding and pleating.
  3. giving it as many or as few pleats as you want as you go around.
  4. Again, put a big blob of glue on the last bit and press the flower down onto it.

1PaperFlowerMaking05 21  2PaperFlowerMaking05 23  3PaperFlowerMaking05 24  4PaperFlowerMaking05 25

  1. I went very tight for the beginning of the spiral, and lose for the end.
  2. You can see the difference in the height of these two flowers when one was created from a narrow spiral and one from a wide spiral.
  3. And you can see the diference in look of the flower centers when one is just wound and one is pleated/scrunched and wound,
  4. These are the four flowers made using the circles shown at the start of this pictorial tutorial.

The four flowers were used to decorate the bag that I showed you in my blog post – here!

And that’s it – one sheet of printed paper and some glue and six paper flowers producd.

PaperFlowerMaking05 27



Please do come back and have a look at these pages again in the future as I hope to continue adding pictorial guides to some of the different paper flower types I’ve made I’ve done.

Please Note:

  • The photographs used in these pictorial guides were all taken by me and are copyright to me – so no taking copies for your own use in either paper or electronic format.
  • The shapes that I’ve used to make my creations – be they digital/electronic cuts, die cuts I’ve cut myself, pieces punched with a paper punch, laser or die cut elements I’ve bought in, etc. – will all be copyrighted to the original designer/company of those designs. The same is true for any background paper designs I’ve used as well. Where I’ve used background papers, electronic/digital cutting files, dies, etc., I’ve tried to provide details, plus I’ve tried to put in links to where they are legally sold if I know of anywhere they are currently available from, so if you like them you can go and buy your own. If you want to make something similar to what I’ve made, and don’t already have the same items I’ve used, or similar shaped items, then please buy the stuff. Don’t try to use my photos to create your own digital cutting files. It isn’t nice and it isn’t legal.

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