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5. Create Different Flowers From Mulberry Flowers

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got several packs of little mulberry flowers, and they are great for a quick embellishment to a project, when something small is needed, but sometimes you just want a larger flower head, or something in a different colour to what you’ve got – isn’t that always the case LOL – you could have a 100 different colours but none that are quite right for your project.

1Paper Flower Making 03 16  2Paper Flower Making 03 15  3Paper Flower Making 03 14  4Paper Flower Making 03 13

  1. So I just took a bunch of cream coloured little mulberry flowers
  2. I pinched the flower heads to make them more bud shape.
  3. I did this for all the flowers I wanted to use.
  4. I then gathered together all the flower heads into a bunch.

1Paper Flower Making 03 12  2Paper Flower Making 03 11  3Paper Flower Making 03 10  4Paper Flower Making 03 07

  1. Trying to keep them all together with a nice shape on top.
  2. I added a dollop of quick drying glue.
  3. And twisted the “stems” tightly and held them there, to make a thicker stem for my new, composite flower head.
  4. You land up with a full flower head who’s size depends on how many mulberry flowers you included.

1Paper Flower Making 03 05  2Paper-Flower-Making-03-03  3Paper Flower Making 03 04  4Paper Flower Making 03 08

  1. I did this one exactly the same, but coloured the tips of the petals with a pink ProMarker before making the flower.
  2. For the next one I used red mulberry flowers.
  3. I used a gold ProMarker pen on the tips of the petals and put far more in the composite head flower.
  4. Four flowers together, much more dimensional than the little ones used to make them and you can see the different effect from putting in more or less little flowers.

1Paper Flower Making 03 01  2CF cup222859_597 - card06 - Decorative Edge Card Blank 4 - STUDIO

  1. These are an example of not trying to alter the shape, but altering the colour with my ProMarkers, using the same colours I’d used on the project I wanted to use them with.  I’d have preferred to use white mulberry flowers for this, but had to make do with the cream ones and didn’t get quite the colour I wanted, but it gives you an idea of what can be done – remember that the paper that mulberry flowers are made of are very absorbent so take in ink quickly and become a more intense colour than colouring onto a smooth paper.
  2. Some of the coloured in Mulberry flowers were used on this card – you can see the details in my blog post – here.

Try having a play at adapting other paper flowers you may already have, either by colouring them completely or touching the tips of the petals with a different colour, or clumping or cutting down to make larger or smaller flower heads.


6.  Flowers From Circles

These next flowers are only made with circles that have been folded.  All that is needed is some medium weight cardstock, wet glue, and a method of making circles from the card-stock.  The circles I’ve used for these are 1″ in diameter.

1PaperFlowerMaking06 03C  2PaperFlowerMaking06 04C  3PaperFlowerMaking06 05C  4PaperFlowerMaking06 06C

  1. As my new EK Success Circle Scissor Pro was delivered earlier this week I thought I’d give it a good try out, and some of what I cut out with it were 1″ diameter circles to make flowers with.  For these flowers I used some red cardstock from an assorted pack 216gsm cardstock and cut out 4 circles.  I did follow the instructions and cut it out on a glass cutting mat and it worked a treat.  You can use whatever you like to cut out these circles – paper punch, creating a sheet full of circles in Silhouette Studio and cutting with a Silhouette Cameo, etc., – any way so long as you have circles to work with.
  2. To make it easier to see the edges against the shape colours in these pictures, and because I think they look nice as a finished flower with an edge for some projects, I’ve gone round the edge of each circle with a Copper metallic marker.
  3. To start with I took one of the circles,
  4. And folded it in half.

1PaperFlowerMaking06 07C  2PaperFlowerMaking06 09C  3PaperFlowerMaking06 10C  4PaperFlowerMaking06 11C

  1. I then folded it in half again, to quarter the circle and be able to see the central point.
  2. On opening out the quartered circle I folded the quarter back and fore at random to give a rough concertina to the card stock.
  3. I did the same to the rest of the circle,
  4. And then I scrunched it up to crease the lines had and crinkle it a bit more.

1PaperFlowerMaking06 12C  2PaperFlowerMaking06 13C  3PaperFlowerMaking06 17C  4PaperFlowerMaking06 18C

  1. I then opened out the circle,
  2. And scrunched it together again, making sure that the two halves were not together this time.
  3. I did the same for all four circles.
  4. I then opened one circle out again, but left the other three scrunched up.

1PaperFlowerMaking06 19C  2PaperFlowerMaking06 21C  3PaperFlowerMaking06 22C  4PaperFlowerMaking06 23C

  1. I took my quick grab wet glue – this time I used Everyday Essentials glue, but any glue that grabs quickly will do.
  2. I added a blog to the centre of the opened out circle – I think I added a little bit too much here, but I wanted it very visible in my photo.
  3. Holding the circle loosely in my fingers I dropped one of the scrunched up circles into it so that the base of the scrunched up circle was in the glue blob.
  4. I added the second scrunched up circle in the same way.

1PaperFlowerMaking06 24C  2PaperFlowerMaking06 25C  3PaperFlowerMaking06 26C  4PaperFlowerMaking06 27C

  1. And then added the third – if you are a bit more sparing with the glue blob it won’t squish out this far, but it needs to be enough so that the base of each of the three added circles is firmly in the glue, and it doesn’t matter if some squishes out as it dries clear, or for an added look you can sprinkle on glitter at this stage so that it twinkles on the finished flower when dry.
  2. After adding the last scrunched circle I squished the whole flower head – if you want a tight flower head you can hold it like this until the glue holds it tightly,
  3. But I wanted a looser flower so relaxed my hold on the flower and teased the crinkles out a bit.
  4. I then put my flower down to dry completely.

cup348802_1749 - card03C - Ruperts Wedding StampFlowers made like this were used on the first project that I showed you in my post of the 16th May, 2013.

I found that making them with lightweight cardstock like the 216gsm works well as it holds its shape but isn’t very hard to manipulate.  The white flowers on this example were made with 300gsm cardstock (the same card-stock used on the card was used for a perfect colour match) and I found this weight difficult to manipulate, but not impossible.

If using lighter weight paper or vellum you may well find that you need to add more than three scrunched up circles to the centre to give a nice full flower.

You can, of course, use larger circles which will mean that you finish off with larger flowers.  For larger flowers you will need to add more scrunched up circles to the centre as well.

If you want to put the flowers on a stem then put a small twist at the top of a wire and push it out through the bottom of the opened circle before adding the glue blob and the scrunched up flowers.  Provided you don’t pull it too much while the cardstock is damp from the glue, but let if dry and harden, you should find that it stays in place and you can then wrap the green tape used by florists around it.


Please do come back and have a look at these pages again in the future as I hope to continue adding pictorial guides to some of the different paper flower types I’ve made I’ve done.

Please Note:

  • The photographs used in these pictorial guides were all taken by me and are copyright to me – so no taking copies for your own use in either paper or electronic format.
  • The shapes that I’ve used to make my creations – be they digital/electronic cuts, die cuts I’ve cut myself, pieces punched with a paper punch, laser or die cut elements I’ve bought in, etc. – will all be copyrighted to the original designer/company of those designs. The same is true for any background paper designs I’ve used as well. Where I’ve used background papers, electronic/digital cutting files, dies, etc., I’ve tried to provide details, plus I’ve tried to put in links to where they are legally sold if I know of anywhere they are currently available from, so if you like them you can go and buy your own. If you want to make something similar to what I’ve made, and don’t already have the same items I’ve used, or similar shaped items, then please buy the stuff. Don’t try to use my photos to create your own digital cutting files. It isn’t nice and it isn’t legal.

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  1. Wow, the making of that flower is fabulous! I also really love that adorable card with the little pig on it. Too cute. Thanks for showing your technique.

    Cheers, Holley

  2. These are super Gwyneth – I have done the scrunched flowers before, but never bunched the smaller flowers together – great idea – I have loads of them!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. You never cease to amaze me Gwyneth, these flowers are lovely and I must certainly have a go at the round ones. Thank you so much for sharing. xx

  4. Brilliant tutorials Gwyneth, it’s great to see them doe in easy steps, will definitely have a go at some point. Thank you so much for sharing. Take care x

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