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7. Making Flatter Flowers From Waste – 1

Most of what I’ve shown you so far has been making dimensional flowers, but we all know that, with postage being more expensive for more dimensional cards, dimensional flowers may be great for hand delivered cards but not so good if the card is to be posted.  For these flowers I’ve used the “waste” from a die-cut trellis and kept the flowers quite flat with minimal dimension.

1PaperFlowerMaking07 01C 2PaperFlowerMaking07 04C 3PaperFlowerMaking07 06C 4PaperFlowerMaking07 07C

  1. This is the trellis I used the waste from to make my flowers.  I could also have used the heart waste from another trellis in the same kit for a slightly different look of flower.
  2. For these flowers I used four popped out pieces per flower.
  3. I put the non-stick mat down on my Buddy Board for the next jobs just in case I got glue seaping out and the “petals” sticking to my work surface.  I used wet glue, with a fine metal nozzle tip added  …
  4. and put a drop of glue at the end of a piece.

1PaperFlowerMaking07 08C 2PaperFlowerMaking07 09C 3PaperFlowerMaking07 10C 4PaperFlowerMaking07 11C

  1. Another piece was then attached.
  2. I did this until I’d got all the pieces paired.
  3. I then put another small drop of glue at the join of a pair,
  4. and put another pair on top at a 90 degree angle.

1PaperFlowerMaking07 12C 2PaperFlowerMaking07 13C 3PaperFlowerMaking07 14C 4PaperFlowerMaking07 15C

  1. So the “flower” now looks like this.
  2. And I kept going until all pieces were attached in the same way.
  3. Once dried I took a ProMarker, of the same colour as I’d use on the card some of the flowers are to be placed on, and flicked some colour in fom the edge of each “petal”.
  4. Turning the “flower” round and continuing to add colour round the whole flower.

1PaperFlowerMaking07 16C 2PaperFlowerMaking07 18C  3PaperFlowerMaking07 19C  4PaperFlowerMaking07 20C

  1. For this pictorial guide I’ve actually coloured the flowers in using a variety of different ProMarker colours, leaving one white, colouring in one completely, doing a variety of depths of colour coming in from the edge on others, and actually using two colours, red and orange, on another flower.  It’s pale blue flowers I’ve used on my project, but I’ve used deeper colours on the other examples to make the colouring more obvious, though perhaps the colour edge is a bit too defined on these and they would only be used on cards with lots of deep colours.
  2. I then used my fingers to give a very minimal curve to the flowers …
  3. until all the flowers had a bit of a shallow dish look.
  4. I then added centres to the flowers.  Some have sticky back gems added – but remember that if you are wanting flowers without too much dimension for posting you don’t want gems that are too deep.  To the other flowers I’ve added glitter glue in various colours.  This will dry reasonably flat.  You can also put a little glue on and add glitter of your choice, or add Flowersoft or flocking.  You can also add blogbs of pearlescent glue that dries like little pearls – but again remember about dimension for posting.

I’ll be putting up a picture of a card that’s embellished using flowers of these type in a while.

You can also make similar flowers with the waste of other trellis from the same set, such as the heart trellis, or waste of a similar shape from paper punches or cutting using an electronic/digital cutting machine.  Look at everything because there’s a lot that can be used in another way in crafting.


8. Flowers From Diamonds

This is another instance where the waste from a crafting process can be used to make flowers.  This time the shapes are little diamonds.  Whether from dies, punches, or cutting files, they can all be used, and the size dictates the finished flower.

1PaperFlowerMaking08 01 2PaperFlowerMaking08 02 3PaperFlowerMaking08 03 4PaperFlowerMaking08 04

  1. I’d been making Christmas Crackers using the Tonic Cracker Die and a background from the kit Christmas Reds by Mary MacBean, so had dozens of diamonds that popped out.
  2. I roughly tore a circle out of the left-over cardstock – just a freeform tearing.
  3. So to start the flower I used waste diamonds, a quick grab wet glue, and a torn circle around an inch in size.
  4. I put a ring of the glue onto the torn circle.

1PaperFlowerMaking08 05 2PaperFlowerMaking08 06 3PaperFlowerMaking08 07 4PaperFlowerMaking08 08

  1. Onto the glue I put a circle of diamonds, with a bit on the circle and a lot sticking over the edge, and I then added another ring of glue on top.
  2. I then put on another circle of  diamonds, overlapping the ones put down first.
  3. Next I took some glue gel in a syringe and squirted a mound of glue into the centre of the flower.
  4. I then stuck some more diamonds in filling the flower as much as I wanted.

For the first flower I used the diamonds flat, as they came out of the die. For the next flowers I will sow some way to shape the diamonds to give a different dimension to the finished flowers.

1PaperFlowerMaking08 09 2PaperFlowerMaking08 10 3PaperFlowerMaking08 11 4PaperFlowerMaking08 12

  1. I pinched the diamonds between thumb and forefinger of both hands and pulled it to one side to make an S shape.
  2. I put other diamonds over the side of a finger and held with fingers either side to give a cresent moon type shape.
  3. The S and cresent shaped diamonds.
  4. For this flower I started the same as the first flower, but used the S shaped diamonds, and rather than two layers with wet glue and then changing to glue ge, I added another two layers of the S shaped diamonds a bit further in.  Bu pushing the lower side of the S into the glue and having th rise in the shapes it gives a different effect to the flower.  I haven’t added anything to the centre yet, but gems, buttons, glitter or glitter glue, could be attached to match the project it will be used at.

1PaperFlowerMaking08 13 2PaperFlowerMaking08 14 3PaperFlowerMaking08 16

  1. This one had a bit larger circle but is made the same way as the previous flower with S shaped diamonds, but this time I tore a star out of the background cardstock I had spare and stuck this over the centre.
  2. This one is made with a smaller circle, then a mound of glue gel was put in the middle and the cresent shaped diamonds was put into the glue to give another dimention to the flowers.
  3. This time I used a smallish torn circle as the base, a squirt of glue gel in the middle, and the cresent shaped diamonds were put in half on their side and shaped around like a pinwheel.

The last two could also be finished off by sprinkling glitter onto the glue gel before it sets to give a sparkly centre to the flowers.  Alternitively the flowers could be finished off with a blog of glitter glue, button, gem, bead, or anything suitable from your crafting stash.


Please do come back and have a look at these pages again in the future as I hope to continue adding pictorial guides to some of the different paper flower types I’ve made I’ve done.

Please Note:

  • The photographs used in these pictorial guides were all taken by me and are copyright to me – so no taking copies for your own use in either paper or electronic format.
  • The shapes that I’ve used to make my creations – be they digital/electronic cuts, die cuts I’ve cut myself, pieces punched with a paper punch, laser or die cut elements I’ve bought in, etc. – will all be copyrighted to the original designer/company of those designs. The same is true for any background paper designs I’ve used as well. Where I’ve used background papers, electronic/digital cutting files, dies, etc., I’ve tried to provide details, plus I’ve tried to put in links to where they are legally sold if I know of anywhere they are currently available from, so if you like them you can go and buy your own. If you want to make something similar to what I’ve made, and don’t already have the same items I’ve used, or similar shaped items, then please buy the stuff. Don’t try to use my photos to create your own digital cutting files. It isn’t nice and it isn’t legal.

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