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I have, every now and then, been adding a section called “Making Things Easier” to my blog posts.

I have a few more planned in the future, but I’ve realised that only putting them in blog posts makes it difficult to reference back and find specific information.  So I’ve decided to make a page section on my blog to gather together my previous “Making Things Easier” posts.

This is currently a “Work in Progress” and I’ll have to do more looking back to find everything I’ve written under the “Making Things Easier” title over the last couple of years, but hopefully it won’t take me too long to gather the information.

  1. Using Westcott Titanium Non-Stick Scissors to cut any sticky stuff – to prevent sticky scissors and having to take time to clean the blades often (in post of 24/07/2013)
  2. Dabbing talcum powder on any sticky stuff that’s somewhere it isn’t required to prevent stuff sticking where it shouldn’t (in post of 28/07/2013)
  3. Using talcum powder if a mistake is made and double sided tape is put down where foam tape was wanted (in post of 31/07/2013)
  4. Using different glues and sticky stuffs for different things – roller pens, finger-lift, red backed tape, etc. plus pokey tool (in post of 03/08/2013)
  5. Being prepared – keeping things in my “use it every time I craft” tote and have something suitable on your working surface that will make it easier to clean up and protect what’s underneath (in post of 07/08/2013)
  6. UK Postage – checking size and weight so that you know what postage rate will apply. Marking bagged and tagged cards for easy reference if customers ask (in post of 09/08/2013)
  7. Lifting and bending back corners of finger-lift tape, rather than take the whole backing off, until it is placed correctly (in post of 14/08/2013)
  8. Choosing the best paper (in post of 16/08/2013)
  9. Using my Hougie Board to scoreing cards, boxes, bags, etc. (in post of 21/08/2013)
  10. They may cost more, but use sticky back gems rather than loose ones.  Attaching sticky back gems – use a pokey tool to lift and position.  Colour clear ones to match project with ProMarkers (in post of 12/09/2013)
  11. Using foam tape not foam squares/pads/sticky buds – for building up flat layers (in post of 17/09/2013)
  12. Storage – Ribbons (in post of 19-9-13)
  13. Keeping Finished Cards Flat (in post of 26-9-13)
  14. Keeping your Finished Cards Light (in post of 3-10-13)
  15. Know What You’ve Got!  And Know Where You’ve Got It! (in post of 5-10-13)
  16. Storage – Unmounted stamps (in post of 11-10-13)
  17. Storage – Paper Punches (in post of 26-10-13)
  18. Using a child’s “Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit” to hold the cords when making Shamballa Bracelets (in post of 11-12-13)



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