Blanket Work In Progress and Video

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Blanket Work In Progress and YouTube Video

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Thank You (YouTube Question)

In a previous blog post – Here – I said that my youngest nephews were trying to persuade me to make videos for YouTube. I said I was doing some research, and asked for everybody’s input to some questions I had about what viewers like or don’t like in YouTube videos.

A big THANK YOU to all of you who responded to my questions either here on my blog or in the Facebook groups I posted to.

I have decided to go ahead and try to make the occasional video, in both Welsh and English (separate, not bilingual).

See video links and information further down this post.


I also showed you some Works In Progress (WiPs) and said I was going to try and keep photographing and blogging as I was going along to keep me motivated.

Today I’m going to show you how I’m getting on with the blanket I showed you in that same previous post.

I’ve made several blankets in the past. Some from multi coloured, self striping yarn, crocheted in rows. Some a patchwork of patches of different colours. Some as a giant granny square with rows in different colours.

For this one I’m using a yarn that has several shades of colour in it.

The yarn is Lisa Print.

I’m using a 3mm crochet hook.  I’m doing a standard “granny square” stitch. Three trebles, one chain, into each gap, on the straight, then three trebles, two chains, three trebbles, one chain, into the corner gap, before going back to the straight pattern.

This is how much I’d done the time of the previous post.

My hands have been feeling achy after short sessions of crocheting so I haven’t made a huge amount, but it has grown to this size by now.

Definately bigger than in the first photo. Though perhaps takeing the photo on a red patterned background wasn’t the best idea. But I’ll have to find something larger to put behind if for the next photo as it will have grown too big for the cushion that’s under it in these photos.

So now I’ve come to the end of the first ball of yarn and am ready to attach the 2nd.

YouTube Video

One afternoon after the nephews came here after school, I decided to sit down, get one of them to point a camera at me, and record my first official video for my new YouTube channel “Crefftau MAES MIERI Crafts“.

I asked him to video me from my best side, but it seems I don’t have a best side LOL.  In fact, my face is even more puffy than usual due to swollen glands.  But the first, introduction, fideo is done, “warts and all” as they say. I’m not sure I’m cut out for doing a “piece to camera”.  I keep on loosing track of what I want to say. But hopefully that will improve with practice as I try and make more videos.

There’s not a lot of me crafting in this one. It’s more of an overview of me and my crafts. I thought it would be a good way to start and see how good or bad it comes out. (In my next video I’m demonstrating a simple card.)

Both versions are now Live!

The link to the English version is – Here!

And the link to the Welsh version is – Here!

I hope you have time to pop over for a look and let me know what you think. I would appreciate it if you also hit the Like and Subscribe links.

If you are looking for the info about the items on show in the video, here are the links to some of my previous posts about some of them.

  • Crutch cover – here.
  • Big project of 2018 – here.
  • Hand coloured dog card – here.
  • Calendar – here.
  • Christmas cards – here.
  • Screen printing –  here.
  • Peackock canvas – here.
  • Tree – circular wall hanging – here.
  • Tree – in display box – here.
  • Dreamcatchers – here.

These are just links to some of the blog posts about items on show in my YouTube video CMMC001 Introduction

If you want information about anything I’ve not linked to, please leave a comment below or leave me a message on FB or YouTube. And I’ll try and get back to you with the info you want.



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