Bag For Craft Marker Holders

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Makeing A Bag For Craft Marker Holders

Now that I had the holders for my new Craft Markers designed and 3D printed by my nephew and then stuck together (if you missed that post you can see it – here!) it was time for me to design and sew a bag to carry my Prism Craft Markers around in that could also be put on its side for storage and for quick access to the markers when in use.

A job that should have taken me a few hours has taken me several days, off and on, because I just can’t do a complete project like this without having lots of rest these days.

Designing And Makeing The Bag

I started by measuring the two holders side by side, with the pens in to get the height.  Then I made a paper template at the exact size needed – I had a few sheets of A3 cardstock that had become damaged that were not good enough for card making any more, but just perfect for this project.

I then put the pen holders, with pens in place, in it to make sure I had the correct dimensions.

I then cut a panel for sides, top, bottom, ends and flap out of the Bosal I was using.

These were ironed onto the back of a piece of denim – the ends individually and the sides, etc., butted up to each other.  (I could have made the front, back, top and bottom one piece of Bosal but because it is a foam and I wanted to have crisper corners I decided to cut each piece individually).  After ironing I cut out the side panels and the long string of panels, leaving around a .75″ seam allowance.

I then cut out more pieces of denim to match the pieces I already had, makeing them a little bigger so I had a little play room.

To make sure that, should the foam become unstuck from the bag lining at some point in the future, it wouldn’t move, I sewed a line around .25″ in from the edge of the foam for all pieces.

This meant going round the panel on the end pieces as well as every panel on the main piece.

Then, putting the other denim pieces on top, right sides out, I sewed matching sized pieces together right at the edge of the foam, sandwiching the foam inside. I could feel the edge of the foam through the denim as well as see the first sewing line to keep the sewing on the edge of the foam.

Having cut the outside larger than the stiffened inner panel I trimmed off te pieces after sewing to the correct size that the inside pieces already were.

I sewed the long piece together between the foam panels at what was to become the edge between bottom and front, bottom and back, etc.  Again I was feeling through the denim and watching the previous sew lines to help me get in the right place.  Where I’d got two foam pieces butting up against each other I could feel the line through the material because the sewing had slightly pulled and riged the Bosal foam.

Next it was a case of stitching the sides onto the bag.  I had decided that I didn’t want the bulk of the seams inside the bag so wanted to have the seams on the outside and bind them, so at this stage the bag looked very rough.

Next I double checked that my pens in their holders went tidily inside my bag then I put on binding around the raw edges.  I did want to put the binding on with the sewing machine as well, but I found that my chosen binding was a bit slippy and didn’t work so well with the feed dogs of the machine so it was not so easy to control a straight line.

I therefore had to hand stitch the binding on.  This took me a few days to do as my hands are not so good at holding a sewing needle and working for long. Lost one needle on the floor and still not found it, even going over the area with a torch to try and pick up its shine.

It’s not very clear in this photo but the best I could get.

I then finished off by attaching the strap fittings as well as two clips to hold it closed on the front.

So, this is what it looks like upright for carying.

An angled view.

I’ve folded my coloured in swatch sheet so it fits in on top over the pens.

It will only be put upright for carying so there will be no chance of the pens coming out.  For storage it will be put on it’s back.

And then the clips can be opened for access

And a closer look.

It has worked out perfectly for what I wanted it, even if all the sewing, etc., isn’t quite perfect.

This Is What I Used


I’ve still got some projects on the go, including Christmas Card makeing, so keep an eye out for them over the next few weeks.


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