My Father

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May 202019

My Father
Vintage Layout

Hi and welcome to my blog (or welcome back if you’ve visited before).

Vintage Layout

I wanted to put in an entry to a challenge in a group I’m in.  The theme being “My Dad Loves Nature”.  As my late father was in agriculture all his life I decided to go vintage and rustic, and pick some photos of him for a layout, including some stamped flowers coloured to have a very vintage look in keeping with the old photos.  Unless you are a naturalist, there are very few occupations where you spend the majority of time outside, working with nature, and sometimes fighting against nature.  Getting the best growth in your grass and crops, seeing the flowers and wildlife in the headgerows, the birds flying overhead as you work. Basically the great outdoors is all nature going about it’s usual path through the seasons.

Items Used

Not a scissors, craft knife or trimmer in sight for this vintage project – all the pieces are torn by hand.

Vintage Canvas

The background was prepared by screwing up a piece of brown wrapping paper to make it more wrinkly than it was when it came, then sticking it down on the canvans board.  I then tore off the excess.

I started out by stamping out the floral stamps onto recycled brown paper, painted them using the re-inkers, tareing the edges and swiping on some Nuvo Mousse.

I was trying to show the slight shimmer of the sparkle ink and the shinyness of the gold mousse in this photo but couldn’t get the lighting right to show what is seen with the naked eye when the image is moved in the light.  It’s a slight shimmer that adds to the image rather than makeing it gareish and out of keeping with the vintage theme.

I then chose three photos of my late father at different stages in his life – Him riding a horse when he was 14 and working on a farm, him resting while working on the hay on his cousin’s farm in Canada, and him in his 80s looking out over the north Pembrokeshire coastline while he went round all the old places when writing his autobiography. As one was in colour and more modern I set them all to a similar sepia tone before printing.

I printed out the wording and the photos with a brown paper background to give a similar look to the rumpled brown paper I’d used as a background to the whole project.

Dad use to say that he was a 1931 vintage model.  He worked in agriculture all his life from being a farm labourer, to agricultural contractor, to selling seeds, seaweed meal, etc., keeping going to sell at local animal markets long after he retired and handed the buisness over to my brother.

I put the gold colour around the torn edges of all the pieces, roughing them up a bit more to make them more vintage.

And here is the finished piece.


I stamped and painted three of the vintage flowers, so I have one more left to use and might make up a vintage card with that before long.


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A Scrapbook Layout

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Mar 012016

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Today a new collection is being launched in the Dragons Lair Designs store. It is called “Elves”.

Here’s a promo shot for the collection

Whole collection Promo Shot

As you can see it has a very vintage feel, and the little elves have a vintage look as well.

But even though it is called Elves, you will notice that there is not an elf in sight in the creation I’ve got to show you today, but if you go to the Dragons Lair Designs Inspiration Blog you will see the elves on several of my fellow design team members creations.

I did give people a sneaky peak of part of this around Facebook a few days ago, but here’s the whole thing –

It’s a digital scrapbook layout.

Arthur a Gwyneth C

I will be printing it out at around 8″ square as well.  My mother gets printouts of my digital layouts to keep in her collection.

The name Gwyneth was to be found on both sides of the family when I was born.  This couple are my grandmother’s brother and his first wife.  She’d died before I was born so I never met her.  I’ve no idea who took this photo (so can’t ask permission to use it), or when, but the photo must be over 60 years old because the note I’ve got in my family tree says she died 60 years ago this month.


Stamping Dragon Designs Item:


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Oh!  Forgot to say.  There’s a discount in the store for a couple of weeks on this new collection, and if you choose to buy the whole collection you’ll get an extra item that can’t be bought individually.

Buy collection get page free



And that is it from me for today. I hope my little creations will inspire you to visit the Dragons Lair Designs store and have a play with some of the digital downloads available to buy yourself.

Please visit the “Dragons Lair Designs Inspiration Blog” regularly over the next few weeks as you’ll find various “Inspiration by …” posts appear from the other design team members, as well as colouring tutorials and other posts. I’ll be back with more posts for the “Dragons Lair Designs Inspiration Blog” over the coming months as well, so keep an eye out for those too.



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