What is CUP?

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Craftsuprint - The Worlds Largest Legal Craft Download Site!

craftsUprint, CUP for short, is a site for card makers and other crafters that allows you to legally buy and download digital sheets so that you can print out however many you want to use in your crafts.  In addition to printable sheets, the site also has lots of files of different formats that can be cut out using a different digital/electronic cutting machines.  So if you are interested in getting more designs for your cutting machine then click here.

Since the upgrade to version 3 of the site CUP has expanded what it has on offer and has also got knitting patterns for hand and machine knitting, scrapbooking items, designer resources, cross stitch patterns, etc..

At the moment there are a large number of different Designers who put design sheets up on the site for crafters to buy, so there is a huge variety on the site that is sure to suit all tastes.

The site also has registered Crafters.  These are card makers and other crafters who, once they’ve bought a sheet and made it into a card or other item, can upload a photo of the finished item to go on the same page as the design, so that future buyers have one idea of what can be made with the sheet.  You can view all the photos of finished items I’ve made by clicking -> here – then scrolling down the page (they are spread over several pages by now because of the number so please do click through the different pages to have a look).

CraftsUprint also has a mascot called Crafty Bob.  Crafty Bob is a mischievous little fellow.

There are all sorts of offers and games on the site with regular discounts and fun activities with prizes for customers.

Crafty Bob even has his own Blog -> here.

You can even find craftsUprint and Crafty Bob on Facebook, together with an area where Designers and Crafters show off their creations.

There’s a very friendly Forum attached to the site where you’ll find a very friendly community made up of the Designers, Crafters, and other customers of CUP.  Craft Forums includes a chat box, a Gallery of lots of different crafty items put up by members (not just items made using designs bought from CUP), forum areas to ask designers for specific types of designs, forum areas to ask for help, hints, or tips, with any type of crafting project, games arcade, the list goes on and on .  You can get to the Craftsuprint Craft Forums by clicking -> here.

Then there’s CUP TV where episodes are uploaded regularly.  These episodes are designers chance to demonstrate to CUP customers how to make up some of their designs into stunning cards and other papercraft creations. A list of episodes, over 60 of them now, can be found by clicking -> here.

So what are you waiting for?!

Craftsuprint - The Worlds Largest Legal Craft Download Site!

Should you ever have any questions or problems there are full contact details on the site -> here – which includes a link to an online ticket system for support.